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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Vacation Fatigue, and Family

I was looking through the pictures from Bermuda, I was trying to see if I got a snap of the bus that hit me! I'd like to say this is odd, but this happens every time I go on vacation, or try to live life in the normal world. I don't see that I have much of a choice though, I'm not willing to give up going with the family, so for now just grin and take it. The wife and the kids understand it will happen, and they look for it. It's getting so my recovery time is longer and longer. I will be down probably until early next week I suppose, life is what it is.

My family is all down my sister's this weekend for the 4th. The sister has a beautiful place on the water, not too far from Ocean City, MD. She has a big party every year, we usually don't make it, mainly because of how I feel when I travel. It's 3 hours down to her house, that time in the car, added to the quick turn around of the 4th, doesn't make for a very pleasant trip. The bad part is, I don't think they understand why I don't go. That's tough, we were very close at one point, but time and distance take their toll, even the continents drifted apart! I was down the parents house a few weeks ago, saw the sister one day for about 30 minutes, hurts. I also have a brother that lives about a mile away as the crow flies. I haven't seen him for a couple of months, people tell me my MS makes him uncomfortable, sorry about that!

I think a lot, especially when I'm run down like I am today, when will this feeling not go away? I remember playing racquetball, about 20 years ago, had a great workout, one of those kind that I had that burning sensation all over my body. That feeling has not left since that day, not for one second. Is this near paralysis on my right side going to stay this way, this time, or will it be the next? I always heard, and always believed, knowledge was important, but the older I get, there are certain things I wish I wasn't so sure of.


Anne said...

I always have down time coming home from vacation. Alot of us do. And mine is getting longer and longer too. A 5 day cruise took me ten days to recover...go figure.

As long as I give in to the rest, all usually turns out well.

Rest up while you can....summer isn't over yet!


Cranky said...

Andy - it's great that your immediate family understands your need to recover from vacations. It's a bummer that you have family that either doesn't get it or doesn't want to be near it.

You know, it's odd, but until you and Herrad wrote about others being uncomfortable with your MS, it never occurred to me that some of the people that used to be in our lives who are not any longer aren't here because of the disease and their inability to deal with it. It gives a whole new perspective to me on the past actions of some people. (And, sorry for the run-on sentence.)

awb said...

Anne - I'm looking at a 10 day turn around myself, what a coinkidink?

The wife and boy leave Friday for Indianapolis, bowling tournament, so I will have plenty of time to recharge.

Cranky - It is a bummer, but it is, what it is.

I lost friends from my childhood, all actually, most I knew why, the sports guys I was never sure, but I always thought it was because of the MS. Knowing why doesn't make it hurt any less.


froggysoprano said...

Go out in you garden and eat worms. We have about 12 tomatoes already and good size. While you are recouperating try not to envy that. Seriously, do what you need to do to get where you want to be as far as you can control. Love you lots. Evil Parent

awb said...

How are your eggplants doing? I'm going to have you mail some tomatoes if I get hungry. Love to you too, Perfect Child!

Stuff could always be worse said...

We do need our down time but I get so bored with rest. I cannot rest well. Hope you can get over all your exciting times, and then have good memories.

herbprof said...

Some people tell me "oh I did natural it did not work for me" and I say "oh did you?" I did natural it kicked my ass I felt like I took on a very intense second job because I was doing something natural every waking hour. Some of the things I did were the most rigerous things I have ever sone in my life. Now if you feel that was the natural that you did do not bother reading any further otherwise Autoimmune diseases are interesting there are approximately 80 to 100 with another 40 waiting for a name and if you get one you will get another and so on. Medical science cannot explain why we have this autoimmune epidemic or why you have even one of these diseases. You can trigger one of them just by having an auto accident, taking aspirin or medication or by starting a new exercise routine, even too much stress says latest research. Naturopathic medicine says, "Look for the root, it is in the basics beginning with what is on your fork, what toxins are in your body, what exercise do you do, what stress is in your life, what is your spiritual base". Scientific arrogance has led us down the wrong path we better stop and take a close look at what is happening. This month 150 new chemicals will be added to the 85,000 in the environment which are part of the autoimmune problem. They will be added too industry with no oversight control at all. Autoimmune disease is the worst kind of contradiction; for a sufferer you are attacking your body with your immune system, a world upside down. God bless you in your search.

awb said...

Paul - The wife and I are wading our way through what it means to go natural, but it's not easy after almost 50 years of, "here, take this and you'll feel better" but we are trying!


Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

Thanks for being such a trooper - you made the vacation great!!

awb said...

Jack - The best part was the kids 5 year old face when they parasailed.

Slammermike said...

It always takes time to recoup after vacation. That is why many people go back to work to rest up. I know when we go away it takes a while to get back to normal

Anonymous said...

Who knows what normal is? In my family that could be a wide range of nuts. Listen to your body, you might not know the tune but that is why you have a back up group.