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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chicken Parts, Arthritis Pain, and Life In the Slow Lane

We went and picked up chicken feet and giblets today from our friends who are running the new CSA, their chickens were butchered and they didn't want the best parts! I got about 15 lbs worth of livers, hearts, and gizzards, and of course feet. I'm having hearts and livers for lunch tomorrow, fried up nice and crispy, a little salt and pepper, dash of hot sauce, I know, I know, sounds delicious! Funny thing is the rest of my family has asked me to cook, and eat my treats when no one is home?

The doctors told me I had arthritis in my ankles, probably because I had broken them both years ago playing ball. I'm starting to wonder if this searing pain I am feeling in my knees could be arthritis and not have anything to do with the MS, or ligament damage from said ball? We aren't talking about cramps, or Charlie horses, I'm talking pain! Is that what arthritis is, just pain? I thought it hurt when you did things, like the woman on the commercial that plays badminton. This hurts, and hurts bad, just sitting, and I do a lot of just sitting! I hear getting older is the pits, but let me tell ya, getting older with MS is no picnic.

I did absolutely nothing today. I mean I did watch the Orioles get beat again, and I had to tell the wife to please not walk in front of the TV while she did the laundry, and cooked dinner, but other than that I was useless! I may be getting addicted to the stimulator, it makes the leg feel so much better having it electrocute with every step, or every few seconds, reminds me of how I was with the AFO. Small price to pay I suppose, I wish I didn't need it at all, but my grandmother told me at an early age, well I can't tell you what my grandmother used to tell me, just know that it made it clear things didn't always go your way! Do the Orioles play again tomorrow, because I'm going to be available, all day?


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy:

I too broke both ankles a few times each when I was a kid and have arthritis from ankles to shin bones. When it started traveling upward to my knees, every bad thought from arthritis to knee replacement went through my head.

So as to not have an anxiety attack, I reasoned it out that of course I didn't need knee replacement and would file that on the shelf of last resort.

NSAIDS (name brand Aleve) has worked best for me when it gets painful. When it gets debilitating,I hit the hydrocodone 650's and it takes the pain totally away.

One of my doctors said it was "referred pain" which makes sense to me, and only because my brain has been on vacation from the day to day practice of medicine world did I not figure it out for myself.

Try the Aleve and see how you feel.

Oh, and I tell my husband when he is baking chestnuts in the oven at Christmas time, to do it when I am working because it is a stinker! I don't blame your family for telling you to cook when no one is at home. Get out the Lysol or the Oust to spray when you are done.

Put your feet up and a pillow under your knees. Take care, Anne

Cranky said...

Andy - whatever the root cause of the pain, it sucks to have it. Aging ain't for sissies, whether you have MS or not!

Chicken lovers = great. Gizzards and hearts = no way! And, I'm wondering what you do with the feet. Almost afraid to ask. :-)

Cranky said...

Oops. Meant to say "Chicken livers" on previous comment. I'm sure you got it, though.

awb said...

Anne - My plan is to die with all my original parts, so a knee replacement is out of the question. I will however try the Aleve and see what that does for me, thanks.

You should smell the house when I cook shad roe, or get on a Limburger cheese, onion, and anchovy sandwich kick! Come to think of it, I'm amazed she hasn't killed me, YET!

Cranky - My mother always says, golden years my ass! Mom always could turn a phrase.

I'm going to make some chopped liver, have to see how much Schmaltz I have in the freezer?


Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

I wish everyone could see the anticipation on your face when you cook your (and they are YOURS) chicken livers and parts. It's priceless! I'm just looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with the chicken feet. Andrew Zimmern - eat your heart out!! Oh - I guess we need to get some chicken combs next to make some delicious gelatinous delights! You are definitely on your own with that one!! Sorry but - double gross out!!

awb said...

Jack - Now you know you want my giblets? That didn't sound good, lost my head for a minute! I'm going to simmer the feet in a sweet broth until they are lip smacking, sticky, and gelatinous goodness!

Slammermike said...

I always heard your giblets were on the small side.

Knee replacements seem to help if that is the problem. I've been puting one off for almost 8 years now, but it is coming sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

A knee replacement can be the best thing ever. After years of bone rubbing on bone I had mine done and it was wonderful. We went to London right before I had it done and suffered the whole time. Insurance companies want you to be at least 60 so you might have to wait if that is what you need. I might need to have mine redone after 12 years because I fell on it and damaged it. When it hurts I can decide what to do. So keep on chugging and take care of it as you can. Love, Mom