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Friday, July 3, 2009

Bermuda Shopping, Tourism, Beaches, And All Done With Multiple Sclerosis

There is plenty to do in Bermuda for people like me, the less mobile of us, if you like shopping and sight seeing. Transportation is good, you have choices, from the trolley, to buses, to taxis, and even ferries. I'm not sure how they handle wheelchairs, or scooters, luckily I only used the chair on the boat. We were in Kings Wharf, not as developed as Hamilton, or King George, but a really cool looking place. The shopping in Kings Wharf wasn't huge, but we weren't there to buy a new wardrobe, or new dishes, we mostly looked around.

We were only in Bermuda for 2 days, so we didn't go everywhere. Day 2 the wife and kids went on the ferry to Hamilton, had to be back on the ship by 2, so not a huge amount of time. I didn't go, with the time restrictions, I didn't want to slow the group, and I'm not huge on shopping. The crowds for the ferry were pretty big, and the bus was running slow, so they only spent a couple of hours in Hamilton, you don't want to miss the boat. I think the boy is the only one that bought anything, he had to buy gifts for a couple "special" friends, 2 different gifts so they couldn't compare, he is just like his mother!

The beach we chose was a very small one, at the Snorkel Park, just adjacent to the Naval Dockyard. It was clean, and we were able to experience the blue water. It was picked because it was so close to the ship, and it had a public restroom. Horseshoe Beach and bay was probably a bigger, more desirable beach, also with bathrooms, but it involved the bus or ferry, so we opted to stay in port. It wasn't real active, the water just kind of lapped in, but it was good for us. I enjoyed my time looking at nature, dodging the ferral roosters, and looking out at the blue water. We will do it again, either with friends, or just me and the wife. Either way, it was worth a do over.


Anne said...

Sounds nice and relaxing, Andy. And another trip with your wife (no kids) will probably be a much different experience.....especially if you choose a different cruise line!

Good post.

Diane J Standiford said...

Sounds great! Do over! I've heard about those roosters. Glad you et al are safe. LOL

awb said...

Anne - Next trip will be sans kids!

Diane - They were all over the west end of the island, pretty cool really.