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Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Trip Down, Time For the Wife To Grieve, and Total Energy Drain

The wife and boy are finally home, and he put on Facebook he's bored! I'm going to give him something, a board upside the head! It was a long trip, 8 days, and I missed them both very much. They are only home a few days and they are off again, this time to Vegas! I was excited when I was a kid to go to Bustletown, PA for a basketball tournament for the weekend! The boy did pretty good, had a great experience, learned a lot. I'm hoping to get him on the sports shot at Perry Hall before he heads out. That's the key, bowling the sports shot over the house shot. That will be my goal when they get home, and to get the boy driving!

The wife was away when our friend's daughter passed, she is feeling horrible that she wasn't here. I told her she was she belonged, with our child, but she still feels bad about it. We are going to dinner with them on Tuesday, should be another tear jerker!

I think I have swine flu? It could be an avian version from Hong Kong? I'm not sure what I have, but I've got it! Can you get legionnaires decease without leaving the house? I think it's probably more a matter of being able to relax now that my baby is home, but that makes me sound like a wuss! My body is humming, feels like someone has a bare electrical wire pressed against my spine. To say I have no energy would be an understatement! I slept all day, or sat around, and I plan on doing the same thing tomorrow, that is if my malaria isn't worse.


Libby said...

...make sure you've ruled out inhalational anthrax, & the plague, hemmorhagic fevers like ebola, & all that...sorry andy, i'm a well-informed hypochondriac...

awb said...

Libby - You forgot spider bites!

Lazy Julie said...

MS isn't enough? You need the swine flu or maleria, too? :-) I have a friend who thinks she has a brain tumor every time she has a headache. During my diagnosis when they told me it was either MS or a brain tumor, she reassured me that I couldn't have a tumor because that was HER disease. :-)
Lazy J

awb said...

Julie - They thought mine was an optic tumor, or a brain tumor too. That must be the fall back DX?