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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Need An Activity, Doctor Day, and Shameful News Coverage

I have a exciting day planned tomorrow, I'm positively giddy! I'm going to the dentist in the morning, then having a spinal injection in the afternoon. Normally I'd be pretty sure what the dentist was going to do, fix the shattered tooth, but not so sure for tomorrow. Been chewing on the right side, lost a filling on a tooth over there, and this on hasn't had a root canal, so who knows? The spinal injection is a slice of gravy, you know what you're getting there. I should have scheduled a colonoscopy for the middle of the day, that would have made a real round robin!

I got out of the house today, went to the grocery store. It was a thrill a minute. I find I'm not having a problem with the physical part of getting out, I just have no place to go! I need to join some kind of club, or start hanging out at bars, something to get out of the house. My problem is, I'm not a joiner. A group of old men play bingo at Burger King, maybe I can sub for them? I'm thinking of taking a chair up to Gunpowder Falls and sitting there, in the field, along the trails, just being out. My problem is I can't join anything, because I never know if I will be up to going anywhere. Maybe if I start slow, in a few years I'll be ready to be around people?

I'm a little bothered by what I've seen on the news lately, or more to the point, what I haven't seen. I've seen plenty on what the experts think Gov. Palin's future plans are, who may get Micheal Jackson's kids, and if Favre and Vick will play football this year. There have been plenty of stories about the President, the professor, and the cop having a beer. Are we still at war? Are we still at war in 2 foreign countries? You could have fooled me! One of the worst things that happened to us is the 24 hour news cycle. They are already covering the 2012 election because people get all worked up it. Our children are at war, and we don't talk about it, I'm sorry for that!


Stuff could always be worse said...

I so agree with that, we are at war, and they will barely mention it. Thanks for posting that. I have about quit watching the news for those reasons

Libby said...

you know why we hear nothing? because theres not a bunch of horrible stuff happening in iraq right now (comparatively speaking) know, no news is good news...and when our families are fighting a war for us, & it's going ok, the media should be trumpeting that all over the place!
& andy, lol @ the colonoscopy remark!

Anne said...

There is a group of "walkers" at a local mall that meet in early AM Monday thru Friday. They are varying degrees of "walkers" and about half are "wheelers".

It is a not a join group. It is "come when you want or can" group. The mall opens one hour early for them - no shopping since stores are closed - and only the food stands are open in food court as they get ready for their day. You can get something to drink and sometimes a breakfast sandwich/donut and it is a nice social group.

I go once a month or so as I am able. The group is about 20 or so but I don't socialize with all of them. New people come every couple of months or so.

Maybe you can locate one of these in your neighborhood. You won't feel obligated and if you find you don't like the people, you don't have to go back.

I'm on my second mall! LOL

Also as most public buildings are accessible, I hit the library at least once a month. It is a/c and is fairly quiet, I can use computer or sit and read or write. It is my favorite place in the area after my little castle here.

The news are more concerned with having a beer on a picnic table at the White House than the daily dead count from war. With Bush, no dead bodies were photographed and with Obama, it seems we get good news at least 3 out of 5 workdays. Unbelievable!

Stay cool - is 91 and humid here,

awb said...

Kim - I know what you mean, it's not worth watching. They also need to talk seriously about the murder rate in this country. I think our people are safer in Iraq, wearing "I hate Islam" T-shirts than they are on our city streets!

Libby - The first time I went for a colonoscopy, we had a laugh, I said to the doctor, no, really, where are you going to put that?

Anne - My problem is, what if the group walks in the opposite direction I want to go in?

We have a new library with a drive up window. You go on line, reserve your book, and presto, it's waiting for you at the window!

I need to hone my people skills, lest I loose them completely, becoming a hermit.