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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lost My Stuff, DMV Hassles, and My Hobbit House

Had my dentist appointment today, didn't go. It wasn't a decision I made for myself, couldn't find my keys or my wallet. Normally I would laugh something like that off, not give it a second thought, but things are beginning to not be so funny anymore. I not only couldn't remember where my stuff was, I couldn't remember the last time I needed it. When did I drive last, I can't remember? Turns out they were in a bag I took last Thursday when I had the injection in my back, but I didn't know where that particular bag was anyway. I'm not driving very much, I knew that, but it's bad when you can't remember when you drove last.

I suppose when the boy gets his license, I will drive even less, mainly because he will probably take my truck, but partly because I don't have anywhere to go. I called today, again, to see if the boy has gotten clearance to drive from the department of motor vehicles. Because of his epilepsy, they have to OK it, with a doctors recommendation. I get that, I agree with that, but they have had it since the beginning of May, decide already, better yet, return my call! He goes back to school 8/15, I was hoping he had his regular license by then, not to mention his learners.

I finally know what I would do with my life if given the chance. I would create a Hobbit like house, complete with those nifty little round doors like Bilbo Baggins had. I'm trying to figure out how to throw one of these little beauties in the back yard right now, without the wife making me live in it! Hey, I know, a place for my chickens to live! That's right, forgot, not allowed to have those either. Ya have to admit, it would be a cool place to sit, ponder, and smoke a ton of the halfling weed, whatever that was? For now, I'll just be happy reading about it, though I must say, that gets old after all these years.


Cranky said...

Andy - when you have the house set up for the smoking of the halfling weed, let me know! I'll stoop a bit to get in through the door with no complaints at all. 8-)

Stuff could always be worse said...

I have lost a thousand things and the doctor says that is normal, but if you forget what keys are used for, then you have to worry.
Let the boy drive, it will make him more confident and you too.

awb said...

Cranky - Ah, the halfling weed! It was a simpler time in middle earth. Today they'd all get busted for possession, and Gandalf the Grey would wind up in the jug for hanging around a bunch of little boys!

Kim - I can't wait for him to drive! The way I see it, I'll never have to leave home again, just send my minions out to do my bidding.