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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Couch Cane Cost, HSA Madness, and Pharmacy Follies

The girl and I went out for a while today, I had some errands, she drove me. We went to a place that sells medical equipment, I'm looking for a couch cane, something to help me get up out of the chair. I think stores like that are great, you can find anything, or they can order it. I also like to give local businesses the business, but those little stores are expensive! The wanted $130 for it, Ebay has it $59, plus $10 for shipping! Like I said, I like buying local, but I like $60 in my pocket even better.

We went to school for a meeting about the all this HSA crap, and that is what it is. I saw a report on TV about how well Baltimore City is doing with with this test, but I also thought I saw a statistic, but thought it had to be wrong. The teacher we met with gave us the same stat, and I am dumbfounded! The city expects to have upwards of 95% of students pass the HSA, but one of the schools reports a 80% drop out rate among seniors, 80%! How the school board can expect parents to sit back and allow this is beyond me?

Got some paperwork about my Rebif from the insurance company, they are worried that my current set up with the mail order pharmacy isn't working out for me. I appreciate it that they are worried about me, but I didn't realize I was dissatisfied? Wait a minute, I don't think they are? I think this is probably in their best interest, not mine? They must think I'm as dumb as I look! They made me get my blood pressure medicine from their pharmacy. They made me get my nutsy pills from them. Now I have to get my injections from them too. If I have to pay my co-pay, and it comes on time, I could care less where it comes from, but don't act like you're doing me a favor.

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Libby said...

hey, andy,that's a good realization! i guess we with disabilities have learned to be suspicious, & now just take things at face value automatically! sucks, don't it?