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Friday, July 10, 2009

Indianapolis Bowling Tournament, Bioness L300 Working Great, and Friends Pain

The wife and the boy arrived safe and sound in Indianapolis, just a short 604 mile drive. More proof that my wife can do anything! The boy doesn't start the bowling tournament until Sunday, he has practice sessions tomorrow, and he is in heaven! I'm sorry to have missed the trip, but there is no way I could have gone, they would have had to pour me out of the car. It's not enough that it takes things away from me, but MS is going too far when it effects my family, and I won't stand for it! OK, I can't do anything about it, but I can cheer him on from here, but I don't have to like it.

I had another stimulator check yesterday at Dankmeyer, they told me I was doing great, fitted my new cuff with electrodes. My Bioness L300 is working just great, I am able to walk farther, and longer, with much more comfort. We went to the vineyard the other day, I was able to go everywhere I wanted with no problem. I don't run from spot to spot, and I still use the cane out in the open, like Thursday, but it is a joy to be out and about again. I need to start stretching again, my range of motion is holding me back. If I can get some flexibility back in the ankle, I should be about to increase my mobility even more, so that's a good thing.

We had some horrible news this morning, a dear friend's 26 year old daughter passed away last night. We don't know what happened, but does it get any worse regardless of the circumstance? She was suffering from Celiac decease, had lost a ton of weight. I worked with her step-father, and went to high school with her mother. My kids look at them like family, we are heart broken for them, and are all shocked at her passing. It is hard to imagine that happening, it has to be a parents worst nightmare.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I agree can it get worse, than losing a child.

You have a great wife also,

Anonymous said...

Very sad; parents should not outlive their children. There oughta be a law about that.

Take care

Slammermike said...

It was a VERY rough day at work when we got the news of her passing. Most of us had known her since she was 5 or 6. We watched her grow up. We call and offer help and support. I told them anything they want or need I'll help, but the truth is what they want most I have no control over. I can't bring her back or ease their grief. It is do sad. Words just fail me at times like this.

Cranky said...

Andy - good luck on your son's bowling competition today!

Horrible news about your friends' daughter. I can only imagine how horrible it must be for them.

Herrad said...

Hi Andy,

Sorry to hear the sad news about your friends' daughter.

They must be feeling very sad how horrible for them.

Take carre of yourself.

ps how are the veggies doing?