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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Parental Food Visit, Pharmacy Prolems, and Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

The parents did slide up for a few days, always good to have them here. The father was having a craving for Pizza Johns, a local place that was in the neighborhood where the father used to be principal of an elementary school. They have the greatest pizza in Baltimore, especially the ground beef and onion one. My father got a cheese steak, a pizza sub, and gravy fries, how I loath the little wisp of a man! He has always eaten that way, me too, but without the same results. The mother was hankerin for $1 crabs, which we are getting tonight from Bill's Seafood. They are out to Bordy Vineyards right now, checking up on the girl whilst she works, and looking around.

I have so had it with having to deal each and everyday with medical crap! I think my insurance company has a power play on to force us to use their delivery pharmacy for our prescriptions? The don't come right out and say so, no, that would be rude. They instead use more subtle arm twisting, like, I can only get 60mg of my nutsy pills, Cymbalta, 60 of them every 90 days. OK, there is a problem with antidepressants if you don't take them more than every other day. Now if I were to get them from their mail order company, that's OK, but they won't authorize it from an independent. If I wasn't worried about howling at the moon, and the legs cramps, I'd tell them to stick it in their ear!

Had to do one of those grown up things yesterday, go to the funeral home. As we get older, so do all the people around us, and we have spent too many nights there in recent months. Last night was particularly tough, it was someone younger than us, just 43, blood clot went his lungs. The man was a cousin of a friend from my childhood. I lost touch with the friend, and the cousin over the years, but the cousin's parents were exceptionally good to me in my youth. It was painful to have to see them again under those circumstances, but I was taught these are the things you do, and I'm glad we went, I just wish I had seen my friend to tell him how sorry I was for his lose.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I do find that sad about getting older, people we know start dying. Glad you had time with your parents

Libby said...

it sucks that the older we get, the more people we lose...i'm sorry, andy.

Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

Your friends are lucky to have you there to support them!

awb said...

Kim - Thanks we always enjoy each others company, can't imagine how anyone wouldn't.

Libby - It's really horrible, I don't like it, and I want it to stop!

Jack - No, it's you, really, stop!