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Friday, June 19, 2009

Parents went home, CSA Plus Chicken, and Starting LDN, Again

The parents headed home today, I think they had a good time, we didn't go anywhere. I'm hoping they didn't come to go sight seeing, but they did go to the vineyard, shopping at Towsontown, got their Italian and crustacean fix, so that was pretty good for a 2 day visit. When I'm rich, in my next life, I'll get them a condo so the mother can split her time between to 2 shores. Until then, I worry how much time will start to be between visits as they get older, and I travel less.

Went up to the CSA today, returned our basket, and had a look around. They are doing a wonderful job, and things are looking great! We'll pick up our veggies tomorrow, but I wanted to get out, so I went up and got some potatoes, which were excellent. We talked about the meat chickens, they will be butchered in a week or so. I wanted to know what was going to happen to the good parts, the livers, gizzards, feet, necks and combs, the parts I like best. It appears they are mine for a nominal fee, so I will be making some chicken liver pate soon, I just hope I have enough schmalz in the freezer?

OK, I'm having issues, well, of course I'm having issues, I'm an issues kind of guy! This is different though, this is real. I stopped taking the LDN, thought maybe it was time to thin the herd of medications. Wrong! The leg cramps that I thought had returned, came back with a vengeance and reminded me what leg cramps were! It appears, like I said before, the LDN WAS doing what I wanted it to do, or at least was lessening the cramps, so I started taking it again last night. I don't know if it's possible, or if my simple mind lets me think so, but the cramps aren't hitting tonight. Remind me not to stop taking it again, I need all the help I can get!


Libby said...

andy, when you get your chicken pieces/parts, make sure you take yout leg cramp meds with it!! :-)
i'm just totally picky, i only eat chicken breast (preferably breaded & deep-fried!)

Anne said...

Hi Andy:

If possible, add bananas to your diet - 2 or 3 a day - keeps leg cramps away, as does Glucosamine Chondroitin - 1500 mg a day.

But if you found something (LDN) that works for you, don't stop taking it!!! You have been reminded!!!!


Cranky said...

Andy - it is great your parents can easily drive down for a short visit. My dad has a lot of health issues now, so they don't get around much anymore. I drive down to Cape Cod every 2 weeks to visit them.

awb said...

Libby - Come on, some good chicken gizzards are better than chicken tenders any old day!

Anne - 3 bananas a day, would I have to go to Bermuda to get those? Hey I go to Bermuda next Saturday! (Do they have bananas in Bermuda?)

Cranky - It is great, but that 3 hours drive is starting to get tough for them, and already is for me. It's wonderful you do that every 2 weeks, I'm sure you all look forward to it.


Anne said...

Bananas - at your farmer's market or Sav-A-Lot stores - 3pounds for $1.00, get 6 pounds for one week.

I eat about 8 pounds of bananas a week and about 10 pounds of potatoes. Both are rich in potassium; leg cramps are caused by low potassium. It is better to get it from food than from a supplement because playing around with the pills can cause heart palpitations since they are not regulated in amount.

Bermuda has em but you can't bring them back into USA. LOL

FrankandMary said...

Might sound crazy but a banana can help with leg cramps.
You actually know your real issues from your fakey ones? I love a guy like that...I tripped over from Herrad's blog...I hope today is a good day for you. ~Mary

FrankandMary said...

Ok, I just looked at the comment above mine, seems the banana issue has been previously well documented!

awb said...

Mary - Glad you stopped by, have you heard bananas are good for leg cramps?

Anne - I shall increase my intake immediately, and I useless do 1 a day, so only 2 more to go.