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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bioness, Father's Day Cookout, and Time To Stop the LDN

The humidity is killing me! We were outside, me and my 2 day laborers, it was fairly cool, but after a few minutes, I was soaking wet. We were preparing for father's day on Sunday. We are having the wife's family here for a cookout, we have kind of taken over the responsibility, and are thrilled to do so. I was hoping my mother was going to make the trip up for a few days, I have to check to see the plan. I think we are having BBQ country spare ribs, corn on the cob, and cole slaw, can't wait.

Bioness called today, they are replacing the cuff that the electrodes sit in, mine has so many magic marker circles on the inside, it looks like it's 50 years old. The electrodes seem to be working better now that I'm not hydrating them prior to putting on the cuff. It is much easier to do without the water also, especially if I have to take the brace off for any reason away from home. I'm able to walk farther with each passing week, and walk stronger, that is to say steadier. Now if I can get rid of the swelling, all will be well.

I am going to stop taking the LDN, I have decided it isn't really doing anything. Trying to be positive, I think I was trying to convince myself that the leg cramps had lessened since I began taking it. I think the cramps went away because of the stretching I was doing at physical therapy. I say that because the cramps have returned, and I'm not stretching anymore. The new plan is to stop the drug, replace it with stretching, and see if the cramps subside again. The good news is I can always start it back up if the cramps get too bad.


Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

I am loving this positive thinking!

Cathy said...

you need to get a cooling vest !

Stuff could always be worse said...

I sure do know how hard the heat and humidity is, I live in Georgia. I try to go out in the cooler parts of the day.

Libby said...

best of luck with this! btw...what exactly is ldn?

Lanette said...

YUM! That sounds like a good cookout! I feel ya on the leg pain/tightness, I am dealing with that now due to the increase in Humidity!

awb said...

Thanks Jack, I'm really good at it.

Cathy - I do need one, or stay in the pool all day.

Kim - From what I hear, you probably have us beat on the humidity, I can't imagine!

Libby - Thanks, LDN is Low Dose Naltrezone. It's an old anti opiate drug that help, I'm still not sure!

Lanette - I'm curious if it's more the humidity that bothers us than the heat? I make killer slaw, my grandmothers recipe!

Thanks everyone,


Cranky said...

Andy - the cookout sounds great! Making me want BBQ ribs. Guess I know what's on the menu at my house this weekend. Maybe I'll even make coleslaw for Skip - she loves it too (her mom's recipe).

awb said...


Sounds like a cole slaw throw down in the future to. I also cook the ribs in a pressure cooker before finishing them on the grill. Good eats!