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Monday, June 15, 2009

Cruise Time Approaching, Babysitting, and To the Dump, To the Dump, To the Dump, Dump, Dump

Took the boy to the dump to get rid of some yard trash, he did great, once I threatened to throw his cell phone out the window! Actually, we don't have that problem, anymore. Try to imagine this. He was about 13, he had done something to get on my bad side and I was telling him about it, calmly, but sternly. Right in the middle of it his phone rang, and told me to hold on a minute! We don't have a that problem anymore, or many other problems for that matter, both were good kids, and appear to be the same kind of young adults.

12 days to the cruise! We are all registered, are penciled in, ready to go. We have opted to not buy any of the shore excursions. We aren't big sightseers, like this is a house that Burt Reynolds stayed in once kind of thing. My snorkeling days are behind me, plus I almost drown in the pool when I try to breath through that thingy. We are going to go into Hamilton one day, and to the beach the second, and want to try the tandem para-sailing too. I hope they have food on this tub, I have a delicate makeup! I can not wait to get away.

The girl babysits on Mondays, 6 hours and gets $50. These kids are 10 or so years old, they slept late, ate, and played video games. I think I'd pay her for actual time she spent sitting on the kids, not watching TV, but I was never allowed to figure out how much things were worth. It makes me cringe to think how much people must be spending for daycare. We opted not to do daycare, one of us was always home. It made it tough sometimes money wise, but we would do it again the same way if given a do over. The home the girl was sitting in today is a friend of ours, and by the way, nice job with the parental block on the movie channels!


Cathy said...

where are you cruising to?

awb said...

We are going to Bermuda, our first cruise, we are megally excited!

Libby said...

that website was for bermuda, you're cruising there? say hi to the uighers (you know...the weegers!)!

cmm said...

Thanks on the movie channel note! I've never done the day care thing either, I haven't even used a lot of babysitting outside of grandma (she's cheap!). This new gig is very minimal, and the other part time job I have I'm lucky enough to do totally from home. The boss is awesome! I have a friend that used to pay $24,000 to have 2 small kids at a center!!! Ouch!

They are easy now, I think she knitted a whole scarf while she was here. They discussed last night how fast she was!

Where's Slammer Mike been?

awb said...

I remember the girl babysat once when she was 15, the children were under 10. They picked out a vhs tape to watch, she told them to get another, she wasn't allowed to watch those kinds of movies!

Slammer has his baby just graduating high school, and a busy time at work, he stops in when he can.