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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Toll Errors, Raindrop Side Effects, and Idiot Garden Potatoes

Maryland toll facilities is on my list of state agencies to bring to their knees. The wife goes through the Horrible tunnel a bunch of times a week. We had an easy pass, but she needs to get a receipt each time she goes through for her expense report. It seems we get a toll booth violation a few times a month, claiming we have gone through without paying. The wife gets a receipt each time now, just so we can stick it to the man when they send us a nasty gram bill. I told her to send them a bill for each one of the stamps we use when we send in proof we weren't at fault.

I am having a rough day today, presumably because of the raindrop session? I am hoping that is the reason why, in my mind that would be a sign that it is doing its job. The plan is that the raindrop will be able to gather up the Epstein Barr virus that lays dormant in my body and flush it out. I think it only stands to reason that it will jostle things a bit in the process. I feel jostled alright, I feel, well, I feel like I'm having an exacerbation. I know that I'm not, it's different, I just can't explain it. Tomorrow is session 2, I wonder if I'm going to better or worse on Saturday? Good thing is, we shall see in a couple of days!

I got my cucumbers planted in the idiot garden today, leaves only my tomatoes to do yet. I have the tubs, but I broke my jigsaw, so I'm on the verge of being behind schedule. I made the dirt for my last tub out of compost and peat moss, we shall see if it is light enough. My hope is to plant my potatoes in my trashcan planter tomorrow. Isn't that high tech sounding, trashcan planter? It's a plastic trashcan with holes drilled in the bottom! I'm hoping they have fingerling seed potatoes at the local garden shop, Huber's Farm, I've been wanting to try them, if not what they have will be good, I hope!


Anne said...

I hope you are feeling better soon and that you are not experiencing an exacerbation.

Take care,

awb said...

I don't think it is an exacerbation, I feel much better today. I'm hoping I feel bad again tomorrow after tonight's treatment, purge baby, purge! Thanks Anne,


Cranky said...

Andy - your garden sounds great. I'm feeling jealous. :-)

I echo Anne's sentiments.