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Friday, May 15, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Raindrop Day 2, Girl Working, and Boy Bowling

I had my second raindrop session tonight, all went well. It's a very relaxing thing, I easily could have fallen asleep tonight. The smells are wonderful, the different mint oils, the herb oils, makes me hungry just talking about it. One of the oils, I think the wintergreen, didn't burn, but it did get hot. It reminded me of something called atomic balm, the smell of any high school locker room,at least around 1980 anyways. I'm drinking my water with cucumber, I'm also planning on sleeping in the bathroom tonight!

The girl is officially a college senior, hooray! She moved all of her things back in tonight, the pride is complete again. She also starts her new job tomorrow, double hooray! The wife got her a job with Boordy Vineyards, I think stomping grapes for the fall line. Tomorrow is an off site catering job in Columbia, and then a meeting at the vineyard, so she will rack up some frequent flier miles on the first day. I told her she has been burning the candle at both ends while free at school, maybe she should get a night job too, just to stay sharp!

The boy has a bowling tournament in Virginia tomorrow, he trying to qualify for a national tournament in Las Vegas. We are already taking him to Indianapolis for the junior nationals in July, he needs a sponsor, and I don't mean us! The tourney tomorrow is about 3 hours away, so that's 6 hours just in the car, so that means I won't be making the trip. I don't do well if I stay in one position for too long, I'm always standing up, sitting down, get my point. Add this to the list of things I hate about having MS, it's taking away a part I can't compensate for, and I'll never get back.

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Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

Hey - you are always there with us at any tournament you can't physically make. I don't know what Jake or I would do without your supportive words (texting and phone calls) when Jake is getting down on himself - even though he shouldn't because he is an AWESOME bowler!! I know you are his greatest fan and supportive (OK - I'm in there too but you know what I mean). Love ya!