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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Raindrop Therapy, End of Junior Year, and HSA Lawsuit

I'm getting ready to sue the State of Maryland school board over the HSA testing they are forcing down our throats. HSA stands for high school assessment, and they have let it ruin our public schools. They teach the children to the test, instead of testing them for what they have learned. I for one plan to sue the school board if my child passes all of his classes, but fails to pass the HSA and is forced to do any special project, or take any special class to graduate. I hope that any parent of high school seniors will join me to put an end to this practice of long term testing as a way for schools to get funding, it doesn't work!

I had a restful day today, nothing on my calendar. I sat out back and watched the grass grow, the birds chase each other, and the squirrels play tag. It wad gorgeous today in Perry Hall, so much so, it kept me from getting anything done. I was very relaxed after my first raindrop session, I was thinking about that while I sat outside. I think it is probably too soon to give an opinion one way or the other, but I sure was content today. I have my second session on Friday, I'm looking forward to it.

The girl is finished her junior year of college on Friday, it seems like time is flying by. It seems like just last week she was calling us asking to come home because she was so homesick. She's not homesick anymore, in fact she doesn't need us at all anymore! Well,not unless her car breaks down, or she is sick, or if she has wrongs that need righted. We will take what we get, she's been smarter than me since she was 15, she thought she was since she was 12, so I will take being needed for any reason I can get.


Cranky said...

Andy - it was a beautiful day here in Massachusetts as well. Hard to sit inside and work with the doors open, gentle breezes coming in, bright sunshine.

Sounds like the raindrop therapy good feelings carried over beautifully to your day.

Sounds like you and your wife have an excellent partnership.

Anne said...

Hi Andy:

School teaching according to testing is a thorn in my side too. I successfully sued the school district here for a variety of reasons, but most importantly because my son had no marketable skill when he graduated to be able to get a job. I won two years of college at the district's expense.

So, you go for it! Make sure you follow procedure because procedural errors can get the whole case kicked out.

Teachers have been teaching to test questions for years and kids got good grades because they knew in advance what test material was involved.

IMO, Bush totally screwed up the school systems with all his no child left behind crap and that only added to the confusion.

I am a parent advocate in my state and teach parents how to work the school districts to get services they need for their children (special needs children mostly). Some children don't all fit in, so they are the ones I offer to help, mostly because I have an autistic 28 year old who I had to fight to get every single thing he needed to stay in regular school.

I'm home from vacation but not quite up to par yet, but hope to be soon. Vacations are so much looked forward to and yet I pay so much afterward in health issues. A five day cruise took more than ten days to recover when I got home.

Glad the new therapy is going well.

awb said...

Thanks Cranky, all the kudos go to her, one couldn't ask for a better partner. I'm trying to figure out if she thinks I was serious about my family being rich?

awb said...


They spend all year teaching to that damn test! This is the first year it is a requirement to graduate, I'm hoping the problem fixes itself, but am ready to do what needs to be done.

I know what you mean with paying the price for going away, but it's worth it. Remember, a wise person once told me baby steps were the way to go! Feel better soon,


Stuff could always be worse said...

I agree with the testing, my husband is a teacher, if he does get to keep his job, They have to pass a percentage.

I will pass an award to you, when I can figure it out.

Libby said...

andy, y'know, i think you do have your wife "hoodwinked", and, oh, will you pay for it when she finds out you're not a real duke, or long lost king of prussia or something~! lol! just a plain ol' workiing slob along with the rest of us!
it's hard when your daughter doesnt NEED you every day, anymore, isnt it? Tif's 25, got married in nov 2008, is almost too busy for mom anymore, but, i know's hard on the surface, but you know you raised her right if she has enough selfconfidence to do it on her own!