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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, First Raindrop Therapy Session, and Thanks to My Wife

I had my first raindrop therapy session tonight, it went very well. The wife asked if we were going to an office, or to my friends home, I told her I was pretty sure we were going to a castle. She laughed at me, like she often does, so imagine my satisfaction when we pulled up in front of a castle, the Good Night castle in Beltsville, MD. It's a good sign when you are doing something new, something a lot of people may not understand, something off the main path, and the place you are having done is a mythical castle.

My friend explained everything to us, showed us all the oils, and told us how the process worked. The session itself was very relaxing, she has an air of confidence that makes you trust her, and the entire process. It took about 45 minutes, give or take, and I will have it done 2 times a week for about 6 weeks. The only thing I need to is drink plenty of water to flush out my system, and keep an open mind to something I don't fully understand, but truly want to work. I smell like a combination of a pizza, and a mint julep, and trust me, I have smelled worse!

I piss and moan a lot about how hard I have it, how this is life altering and unfair. Well it is all those things, but it's all those things for my whole family, not just me. I talk about all the things I wish I had done differently, or all the things I wish I had tried to do, and I'm OK with all of that. One thing I couldn't have possibly done any better, was picking a spouse, because I did that perfectly. We were at the castle tonight, I was on the table, and my friend was doing her thing, the wife switched from one side of the table to the other. One her way, she touched the back of my head, and that was enough for me to know it was going to be OK. You can't improve on that!


Lanette said...

Sounds magically wonderful! Do keep us informed on your progress.

Cathy said...

Lanette you took the words right out of my mouth. Sounds intriguing and relaxing !

awb said...

Thanks ladies,
I will let you know how it goes. It has to be better for me than the chemotherapy was, keep your finger crossed it helps more too!


Libby said...

andy, that sounds like you had a great time, and the best part is you'll get to do that twice a week!! no, the best part is your wife! that's so important, that you have someone you're stil in love with who feels the same about you!