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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Getting Hit By a Bus, Swollen Side, and Vertical Meat Smoker

I was feeling great the other day, but then I tried to jump into life, oh yeah, I forgot! I am so jittery, and weak today, too much standing I suppose. It frustrates me, megally, that I know going into it that I will pay this price for doing things as simple as spending time with friends. Slept until 10:30, plus took a 2 hour nap, and I still have that disjointed, like I'm not here feeling. I suppose I shouldn't complain, I did get to go.

I need to do a little bit of research about this huge swelling on my side. I've had all the tests, cat scans, MRI, ultrasound, and x-rays, there is nothing wrong, well nothing but this swelling. The nearest to an answer I've gotten is, well it's probably the MS. Is this something that happens with MS? I've had it for years, but I've had MS for years too. Is a total lack of muscle tone that does it, is my stomach shifted to one side? Has anyone else experienced anything similar, or am I unique?

I want to get a vertical, gas fired, wood smoker. I know purests, like my pal at Who are those guys smoke team will shudder at the gas part, but what are you going to do? I was going to modify and old charcoal grill I have to use a gas burner, and a cast iron pot to hold wood chunks, but I'm trying to be smarter about the projects I take on. I want to start smoking some food just because I like it. I want to find goat meat too, but that's another story.


Lisa Emrich said...

"...that disjointed, like I'm not here feeling."

So I'm not the only one. LOL. That was my Sunday and it didn't pass until about 9pm when I began to wonder - uhoh, how am I going to go to sleep when it's finally time?

MS can be annoying.

awb said...

Annoying is so much nicer than I was thinking. I'm just worried about that day when it doesn't leave. Not looking forward to that one.

Lanette said...

Its funny you mentioned about your swelling. I had a CT Scan 2 weeks ago because of swelling on the right side of my neck and shoulder then the problems turning my neck and pain between my shoulder blades began. This past week I called the Neuro, today I had a cervical and thoracic MRI. Neuro again Monday when I'm sure he is going to tell me I now have cervical lesions. Then Steroids and maybe a new shot or infusion to try. Lovely. I feel for ya man.


awb said...

yeah Lanette, it screwed up a perfectly symmetrical body shape. It was round, but it was perfectly round!