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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Economic Insanity, and Zoned Weakness

I was watching a thing with Tom Brokaw, he's traveling across the country on RT. 50 from Ocean City, MD, all the way to California. It's the first installment, and I'm already mad! He started in Cambridge, MD, at a crab picking company. The owner of the company is worried he is going to go out of business, not because there isn't enough work, but because there are not enough workers. The county has an unemployment rate of 11%, I sure hope they have suspended all public programs and support until there isn't a job opening anywhere. Can't find workers, who'd of thunk it?

That's like GM, they are going to go the way of Chrysler by the sound of it. The UAW said they would consider a cut in benefits, that's real grown up of them! Now I'm not an economist, I'm not even college educated, but it seems to me that if you have something that is dead, and GM is dead, shouldn't we pull the plug, and look for a new date to the prom? We have GM stock, so I suppose we should be appreciative of the extra help the "experts" are giving our portfolio, but I have got to say, maybe it's time to cut our losses, and let survival of the fittest take over.

Why is it that there are days that part of my legs feel weak, but not the whole leg? My thighs are actually painful they are so weak today, and I don't understand it. They may stay this way for a few days, they may not change for a few weeks, I never know. My eyes are the same way, I never know when or why they are going to act up. It makes it hard to plan, never knowing when, or why I don't feel good. I guess I should stop whining and just be happy that I have days that aren't so bad? That's a hell of thing to be thankful for, things aren't always so bad!


Cranky said...

Andy - I notice one of the labels for this post is "idiots." How true! I have the same feelings about companies like GM that you do. The pundits and "experts" say you can't let a company like that go out of business. Perhaps it would be best to let a company that is so unprofitable go under rather than prop it up to continue its outdated ways. And the UAW ... man, they don't seem to get it. Their employer is on life support. Negotiate reductions or be out of a job entirely!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I agree, but I am no economist either. Making it day to day. Sorry for your leg pain, it is pretty bad, when we have to be glad we are having a good day.
Yesterday I felt so bad, aching and wore out, I am glad I do not feel that way today.

awb said...

Cranky, I'm with you. Isn't this where a group swoops in and buys the troubled company, gets rid of what doesn't work, exits with a lean, mean car company that works? Or we can dump billions into something we already know doesn't work, tough choice?


awb said...

Me too Kim, let's make a packed to knock that off! I'm tired of it, and I refuse to do it anymore! There, do ya think that will work?


Anne said...

I told my hubby that the perfect business to make lots of money for the next TEN years only is:

If you happen to be a multi-millionaire (or new to this country and USA gives you start up money!), build a parts plant for the cars of the companies that went under. That way, consumers still have access to parts for their cars without warranties. The average life of a car is ten years according to Consumer's Reports.

After ten years, sell off inventory, close down and take advantage of whatever other crisis is happening in the country at that time.

Hmmm, we can't get a loan. But if we win the lottery (zillions!), it might be a good way to keep hubby busy so he doesn't drop dead from over-excessiveness in food, drink, and pleasures from lottery money.

He agreed. LOL

Libby said...

andy--i say we should all get together & find some start-up cash for the company that anne said!
and, andy, my neuro is sending physical therapy people here next week...THEN i'll find out what real leg pain is!

awb said...

OK Anne and Libby,

You 2 flip a coin to see who will do all the work, I claim the job of CEO, Chief Entertainment Officer!

Libby, good luck with the PT.