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Monday, May 25, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Happy memorial Day, Good Friends, and Feeling Good

Happy Memorial day to everyone. We had a nice day, spent the evening with the in-laws, called my folks this morning, too far to drop in on them. We went to a cook out yesterday with a group I went to school with, it was a great time. we spent the evening with one of the guys, and another one's son playing guitars and singing, very enjoyable. The friend's son played a Bob Dylan song, maybe the best live version of any song I've ever heard, pretty good for a 17 year old kid! Thanks to all the veterans that gave me the opportunities I've had.

I'm feeling pretty good, I'd like to think it's some of the things I've been doing. The problem is, when you do more then 1 thing at a time, how do you know which thing is responsible for the change? I guess I'll know when it happens, things like the raindrop, I feel good when I do it, and I look forward to it too. Now if I can get my act together and start eating better, all will be looking up.

I saw the pictures from the party yesterday, I looked well fed, to say the least! Oh my God, I need to sew my mouth shut, or learn how to say, no, I've actually had enough. I looked a lot better when I smoked, I think my doctor wants me to start again, if for no other reason than to loose some weight. Man, I looked impressive, especially for a group I've seen maybe once in the last 30 years! It's official, I'm on a diet! I'm not kidding, this, as well as me, has literally hit critical mass!


Anne said...

If it makes you feel any better, the camera adds ten pounds.

But healthwise, a diet might be best if you were so amazed.

I'm right there with ya, toning down the attractive foods and going with what I know I have to eat.

Take care,

awb said...

He must have had a cheap camera, it added what looks like 10-100 lbs! I'm shooting for under 300 by the cruise, or no one is allowed to take a camera!