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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Broken Glasses, Mega Yard Sale, and The Elderly

I must have angered the eyeglass Gods with my post yesterday. I was answering one of the comments, probably making a good point, I don't recall, when the glass fell out of one side of the glasses! Yep, it just kerplunked right out, sounded lit the guy wire on a communications tower breaking free, right out and onto the keyboard. I said a few choice words, and decided I wouldn't have them replaced! Yeah, stick it to the man, give me anti-glare protection for free that makes it harder to see, who needs you? I tried to calm down, looking out the kitchen window, I was cheered to see our chipmunks have returned. I love watching them run around, who needs trifocals, not me. As I was basking in my decision to go sans glasses, the chipmunk flew up into the tree! I'm going tonight for new glasses.

I also went out to lunch with the in-laws today, had a wonderful time. It was a luncheon at their church, a chicken salad plate, with cake! I was the youngest person there, probably by 20 years, but that's nice to not always be the old fogy in the crowd. 2 things about that age group that has always fascinated me, they drink coffee with whatever it is they are eating, makes no difference, and, they will ask you anything. One gentlemen asked me if I was the crippled son in law, I assured him I was. They did everything but ask to try out the stimulator, and pointed out I still limp with it. What age does that happen?

The wife is going to be preparing for her mega family, multi street yard sale this weekend. There are a few neighbors joining in, not as many as she would like, but a few. If she had her way, she would be able to make it mandatory that everyone participated. As it is, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the monsoon season has a brief respite. We have 25 years worth of junk to try and pawn off on unsuspecting visitors. I'm not much on saving, I have one 18 gallon storage tub of memorabilia, and a few boxes of trophies. The wife needs 18 storage buildings to keep all of her stuff. I want this sale to go off so we can thin the herd, and get into the lower basement again!


Stuff could always be worse said...

I love talking to older people, glad you went. They have more compassion and understanding than the younger generation. Some are blunt with their questions. Wish I could get to your yard sale since that is our new hobby.

awb said...

I agree, I love going, just listening to them. It's such an easy thing to do, and one I'm so proud to say our kids well. I'm going to sit out in my yard chair and tell people to make me an offer!