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Monday, May 4, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Bioness l300 Adjustment, Rainy Season, and in Need of New Throne

I went for my adjustment at Dankmeyer for the stimulator today, went great! The representative was also there from Bioness to add any input we may not have thought about. The folks from Dankmeyer have done a great job, in fact I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Baltimore area interested in checking out the Bioness l300 foot drop system. They fine tuned it so the foot goes more up, less up and right. That's a good sign that I needed that adjustment, says the leg is a little stronger. I got some supplies, some good advice, and big slice of piece of mind.

My next thing to attack is going to be a new chair. Right now my Archie Bunker is an old Lazy Boy rocker. It's a comfortable enough chair, but like I've said before, it's so low, even for my short legs. I think I will try to talk the wife into going to look tomorrow, then come home and have $1 crabs.

I think my garden is going to drown! I know we were in the throws of a mini drought, but this is ridiculous now. I feel like I should be building an ark or something. The rain is to continue for the rest of the week, so things are going to be slow until at least the weekend. I need one of those old time awnings for out back, one that you can sit under in the rain. There is a place right up on Pulaski Hwy called silver top awnings, I may go up there and have a look around. Hey, what better day then a rainy one to go look at awnings?


Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Hi AWB!!! If you get a moment to stop by my blog I have an award for you. Congratulations!

Stuff could always be worse said...

Have you looked at the chairs that lift you. I thought about it.

We are happy for the rain in Georgia since we have been in a drought for a few years.

Libby said...

andy, i have only today to get out on my scooter until the rain & thunderstorms start tomorrow for the next 10 days...yuk! i have to cancel my haircut for!

awb said...

Thanks Tara, I will wear it with pride!

Kimberly, I will look at the lift chairs again, my concern is my size, like my mother suggested, maybe a crane

Hey Libby, now that everyone in the family was so interested, I have to go for haircuts! Not cool.


Anonymous said...

Haircuts are cool, don't fish for compliments. have I ever told you that you are adopted?

Cranky said...

Andy - definitely look at the lift chair recliners. Don't worry about size, they come in all capacities.

I'm jealous about $1 crabs!

Skip took her aide MW out for lunch today as it was MW's birthday. They went to Legal Seafoods (great chain primarily in Massachusetts). Brought me home crab cake combo. Yum!

awb said...

You can't go wrong with anything crab!

I will check out the lift chairs, you can only fight some things for so long.

Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

What about a wing back recliner chair? That might work, huh? Think about it - it sits up higher and I think you can get it in a non-rocker version. Shopping here we come! And yes I'm going to take the checkbook!! Be afraid, be very afraid!! LOL

Anonymous said...

What the hell ? Buy two chairs, now is your chance. Seriously , see if you can find a store that is full service. Did you know there is a Van Dyke and Bacon store in WM? Andy might be able to get shoes that are really made to fit with his problems. They have been around for years. I don't know where a crane store is, Crain Hwy, maybe. Love, MIL

Slammermike said...

DID YOU FIND A CHAIR? I always liked your chair and a half

froggysoprano said...

Slammer , he needs a chair and a chair to fit his rear. He doesn't get that from his dad or me, he might be adopted. We love him though especially clean shaven. he is adorable.