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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Full House, My Baby's Resting Up, and Stimulator Adjustments

What a lazy day here in Perry Hall. The rain is still falling, it's dark and gloomy, and everyone slept late today. The boy didn't get home until 1:30 from work, the girl got her copy of the skating show,and was up late watching that, and the wife went to bed and at a decent time. I had the duty with the boy, but I was going to be up anyway. I was the first one up, and that was 10:30 this morning. I convinced the wife to take the entire day off, she is still in bed as we speak, just what she needs. It was great when the kids got up, having everyone here, a time that is quickly coming to an end.

I don't ever feel good anymore, I don't tell that so people will feel sorry for me, it's just a fact of my life, and I try to be open with it so the people around me don't have to wonder, or worry about if they can ask. The wife never talks about how she is feeling, so when she says she doesn't feel good, I know she must feel horrible. I also know she doesn't feel well when I convince her to take an entire day to rest up. She also never asks for anything, I on the other hand have this adorable habit of whining for the things I want, again so nobody has to wonder. With the wife, I know it's needed when I do something that she would normally protest, but she quite willingly accepts. It's nice to be able to do for her once in a while.

I go tomorrow to meet with the Bioness representative to see about ironing out the last few issues I'm having with the stimulator. One of the things I want to find out is if there is a way to make it tighter? It has elastic straps, but it still seems to migrate UP my leg as the day goes on. I know, how does it go up? It's actually quite simple, every time I sit down, because my legs are short, the chair cushion hits right at the bottom of the device, hence pushing it up towards the knee. I also want to check placement, and settings. I also think it is moving the foot too much to the right. We shall see what tomorrow brings, I'm sure all smiles and lollipops!


Libby said...

wow...smiles & there a bottle of tequila in there too? good luck with all of it!

Cranky said...

Andy - Skip rarely talks about how she feels, too. But, when she does, it's clear she hasn't felt good in decades. Man, that sucks.

Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

I just wanted to say "thank you" for treating me like a queen yesterday. Heck - you treat me like a queen everyday but thanks for the extra TLC. Love ya!

awb said...

Libby- thanks, I'll grab an extra lolli for ya.

Cranky- It sucks megally, just think how bad it would be for Skip and me without partners like you and Jackie.

Jack- Thanks for taking advantage of it, hope it helped. Baby, you're the greatest!