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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Multiple Sclerois, Visiting Parents, Visiting Family, and Finishing Strong With the Raindrop Therapy

I decided to get out of town for a few days, went home with the father to spend a few days with the folks. It's always good to see them, this way I get them for a few days all to myself. We will eat too much, the folks will have the same arguments they have had for 50+ years, and I will even egg a few of them on myself. I miss them very much, and the 3 hour trip is outside of my driving zone. I wish they were still on the next street over, they were happy times, especially for my mother, but you take them when you can get them.

I got to see my sister, 2 of the nieces, the great niece, (my sister is considerably older then me) that too is also a treat. I wish they had time to stay longer, but what are you going to do, their busy lives just rush past me! Oh well, maybe I will see them again tomorrow? The parents moved down to the beach to be nearer them, so I see where I fall in the pecking order. I'd go in the garden and eat worms, but it's not my garden, so I will leave that alone too. Did the raindrop therapy on Saturday, then got in a car with a man that doesn't like to stop the car, remember , mega glasses of water, but we made it.

Raindrop is going well, we are going to need another set of oils though, but that's cool, I think it's working, and we are seeing a release, so it is all worth it. We go on the family cruise to Bermuda the end of June, so I'm hoping to be finished that part by then, I don't want to have that to deal with on the ship. We already paid for all of our extras, so let the games begin! I'm looking forward to laying around the lido deck with Gopher, singing sea diddies, and swigging island rum!


Anonymous said...

We are expecting LOTS of photos from your cruise. I've never been to Bermuda and intend to keep on living vicariously through others who have been there!

Have a GREAT cruise!

Cranky said...

Andy - glad to hear you still feel that the raindrop therapy is helping. There's always a lot of walking on a cruise ship, since they're so big, so the higher your energy level, the better, IMO.

Libby said...

omg, andy, you have the summer ahead of you that you've been wishing for, dontcha? i'll be expecting pictures up too, please?

Diane J Standiford said...

Sounds like a plan!! ENJOY!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I am glad you got to spend time with your parents and everyone else. I think that will make memories, hopefully good ones.
Yes we will look for pictures.

awb said...

Thanks everyone, and I will post pictures, just not the ones of me in my muumuu and fat guy hat, the kids are scared to death that I may do that by the way!


Anonymous said...

You are really an ass, pecking order! I plan to live with you someday when i am old, so be thankful for now. The cruise is a good thing for you to look forward to, better you than I. I tried a big boat once across the Atlantic, enough for me. Hope you enjoy it more.