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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Leg Swelling, and Spending Time With Family, Some Of Them At Least

I'm home again, a quick jaunt down the Eastern shore, then home again as quick as you please thank you! It's always good to see the family, even if it's just a weekend quickie. I got to see the baby, she was sick with an ear ache, probably from cutting teeth. You forget what it's like to hold a sick baby, how they just mold to your body, becoming part of it. Sorry she was sick, but it brought back memories of being a daddy, not of a father, it was nice.

My parents house has always felt warm and welcoming, and I suppose it always will, at least I hope it does. Saw the sister and other niece for a few minutes, I guess it was a nice visit, it was over so quickly I'm not sure? Again, you take anything you can get, it was longer than I've seen my brother, and he lives up the street. I suppose it's me, I can be a colossal pain in the ass, but ya gotta love me, I'm me. It's going to be lonely when the folks are gone, so I better tell, and more importantly show them how much I love and appreciate the family aspect, seems to be all there is for me any more.

I also came home to a swelling in my right ankle, don't know what to make of that? Is swelling in the lower extremities a MS thing, or is it a I'm getting old thing? I didn't start any new meds, or change my eating patterns, I ate like a pig all week end! I did some extra walking, the mother took me on a cruise shopping spree, worried her little scnookum wouldn't have anything to wear on the ship. Shorts, shirts, new shoes for the stim, even offered to buy me all new drawers and socks! I guess I will keep an eye on my ankles, if it doesn't happen again I'll blame it something I ate, if it does happen again, I'll let the doc blame it on something.


Libby said...

hmmm, andy, i know it's a dumb question, but i know my ankles get really weak sometimes, & they might twist a little wrong? or, i dunno...i'm getting old too, so maybe that's it....

Anne said...

If you think you ate like a pig already, wait until you get on the is non-stop food onboard.

I think the only time we didn't eat was when we went off ship for excursion or ports of call.

Ridiculous overfeeding/overeating.

(Can't wait until my next cruise! LOL)

awb said...

I hope it is just that I'm old, I don't want to join anymore health issue clubs!

My son is looking forward to the midnight buffet, he thinks that is the coolest concept in the world. So much for us telling him all these years it's too late to eat something.