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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Outstanding Bloggery Award

I was given the Outstanding Bloggery Award

By Herrad of Access Denied-Living With Multiple Sclerosis

I would like to pass it on to the following great blogs:

George at Who are those guys? Competition BBQ Team

Libby at thoughts...usually with attitude...

Cranky at Musings of a Cranky Caregiver

Jeff at the analog kid

John at The Baltimore Snacker

Please pass them on to five other blogs each in a post on your blog.


Cranky said...

Andy - thanks for the compliment! Much appreciated. You and Herrad are nominating most of the blogs I follow, so I have some work to do to acquaint myself with some other quality blogs to pass on the awards.

Libby said...

geez, thanks, andy! i don't care what all the criminals say about you, I think you're a nice guy!! ;-)