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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Pass Ports in Place, and Final Stimulator Calibration

We got our passports today, turned the forms in anyway, we should get them in a few weeks. Game on, where going on this cruise, not turning back. I need to find some of those cruise sweaters like the Marx brothers wore while they were on their cruise. I need a striped polo shirt and the right hat. The hat is a must, should I go for Sherlock Holmes, pith helmet, or something bold? I also need the right length scarf to wear while I'm sitting on deck. It should be fun, I just hope I don't eat too much, one of my specialties. I want to go paragliding, bungee jumping, and maybe swimming with sharks? My I'll just stick to shuffle board and girl watching, yeah, that's the ticket. I just need someone to water my idiot garden when I away!

I went out of the house today with the stimulator on. We went to a couple of stores, a bit of walking here and there, felt pretty good. Only got a few, hey maw look at that thing on his leg, it's flashing! It's definitely my knee that's causing the problem. It's still hyper extending, causing the whole foot to lag behind. I'm also having problems with hitting the right spot when I put it on. If it is at the top of the tibial, it kind of just sends vibrations down the leg, and gently tries to blow the top of my foot off. So, I'd like to stop that from happening. We will recalibrate, one more time, and if they can't hit the spot, I think it's time to go to Kernan's Hospital to have them give it a shot at it. This is a lot money to go back 3 times, so we shall see. I'm trying to convince myself it's getting better, so when you see me at the Pantry Pride, lie and say I'm ambulating at a stellar pace!

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