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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Bioness Recall, and Skating Show Time

I went crazy for doctor appointments today. I had a regular checkup this morning, and I had an evaluation with the stimulator people. The primary said I was fat, but was doing well in other ways. I told her I appreciated it, and reminded her I was down to 299 lbs, but hadn't eaten breakfast. Blood pressure was good, nutsy pills are working, and she was calling the insurance company to tell them I could use Ambien all month, not just 15 days. The stim people said I was doing well, told me how many steps I had taken, and gave me some extra electrical contacts for the stim. They also told me that Bioness had a press release to tell people to put the contacts on opposite what they told me originally. Maybe that's why I've been having problems? Tomorrow I will put the contacts on correctly and see if it works better!

The girl came home early, a day early. It's always nice to have her here, she has a big weekend ahead of her. She is the teaching assistant for the White Marsh Rollerskating program, and their yearly show starts tomorrow. She is very excited, and she should be, she does a great job. The entire family is involved, her mother is backstage coordinator, her grandfather is in charge of lighting, and I am the master of ceremonies, yes, that voice is mine! There are about 200 kids in the show, and it's a great community based program. The best part is with the show over, the girl can start her summer job! Yippee! I hope she doesn't read this before I get a chance to tell her!


Libby said...

wow, andy, you've got lots of neat stuff going on! the rollerskating is neat! that's so good for kids to get into something like that!
on to something else...WTF are nutsy pills, if i may be so bold as to ask? ;-)

awb said...

It's a nonstop thrill ride here Libby! The daughter's a good kid, even though she's not a kid anymore.
Nutsy pills, as in pills to keep me from going nutsy! More cultured people call them antidepressants, but a pearl I ain't! I take Cymbalta for leg cramps and depression, ergo, nutsy pills.

Libby said...

hahaha! andy, i love my cymbalta!...i tried life without them last year...didn't work...not doing THAT again!

Anonymous said...

Nutsy pills, tell the truth, they are a family tradition.

awb said...

Nutsy pills in my family, what, are you crazy?