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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Working Out Stim Bugs, and a Good Nights Sleep

I'm still having a hard time aligning the the stim on my leg. If it's a little too far to the left, the foot doesn't lift up, but if it's a little too far right, it torques the foot up and way right. The problem is it's such a small difference from being just right, and being just wrong. I'm sure I am missing something, because I did it at the doctor's office with no problem. Good news is I know the difference, and know it works great when it's right. It's also good that I go tomorrow for a check, they can go over everything again, and I can use my Sharpie to mark the right spot on my leg.

I have been sleeping great! You know those days that you wake up and look over at the clock and wish it was later, but then you fall back off to sleep, and a couple more hours have passed? If you don't, you are missing something great! I also know what it's like to lay there for hours waiting to drift off, so I will take it when I can. I wish I knew what brought on the good times so I could patent it. I don't question it when things go my way, but I am thankful. I don't like taking a nap, it just isn't the same as being well rested, plus it messes up your hair!


Paul is a Hermit said...

The stim has such promise, I'm sure they will mark you like crazy and hopefully you'll see them do something you've missed. Sounds like it's going to work. When you do position it, does it stay on spot or drift off of it over time?

awb said...

The only problem I'm having with it staying in place is the way I sit sometimes. The electrodes are sticky, so that helps.