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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Stimulator Workout, and the Daughter is Home

Went today for a readjustment of the stim today. They showed me how to position it on the leg so as to have it in the right place each time, who's the man! We were also able to move the cattle probes from the inside of the the leg sleeve so they made contact in the proper position. They gave me a work out too, something I haven't done too much of lately. I asked them if they enjoyed what they were doing to me, and they both assured me they did. I had the realization of just how week I have gotten, but not to worry, we are going to fix that, alls I need is time, and I have an abundance of that!

The girl got home from the grandparents house today, time to deprogram her! She came back with her hair dyed, cussing like a Portuguese sailor, and probably a tattoo or two. Ha, that was funny, a tattoo or two! I'm killin me! She had a blast, played cards, won at bingo, lost at slots, and spent time with her cousins, aunt, and da baby! She's a good kid, I think I may keep her? Actually, it's a state law I think, maybe a federal, but I think state. I went and did my MC shtick for her skating program, it's like my 25th year or something? The program is a huge success, and we are very proud of her, a real bonus these days! Her spring break is over after this weekend, and back to school for her. Before I know it she will be finished her junior year, almost ready to get the hell out! Just kidding baby, you can stay a couple more months.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Wow. State of the art miniaturization looking apparatus. Glad to here as of this date, it is working. Beach combing and summertime, here he comes! Good luck, Andy.

awb said...

It really is cool. My wife and I were walking in a store today and she asked if I could describe what it felt like? I told her with each step it was ZAP, ZAP, ZAP! I just need to be patient.