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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Stimulator Work Out, and Happy Birthday Boy

I have a new appreciation of what sore is! I went from a few years of wearing a device that was designed to keep almost all movement out of my leg, to one that uses electrical pulses to force it to work. It hurt today, physical therapy was a hoot, I couldn't get the stim in the right place. At the calibration, the brother said I should get a tattoo to mark the spot wear it matched up. I gave him that look an older brother gives a little brother, signifying you dumb ass you! I wish I had taken a Sharpie to put a mark on the leg so as to know where the stim went. I'm still pumped, and the pain will ease, gradually replaced with strength and confidence.

The boy turned 17 today, on St. Patties day. The wife already told him she was either locking him in his room, or going with him when he turns 21! He just smiles and says sure, he must think she is kidding? We went out to dinner tonight, just the 3 of us, the girl is on the eastern shore gambling with her grandmother and aunt. He wants to have a party here with a few friends in a week or so. The basement is a disaster right now, but we will whip it into to shape if it means the boy is here with his friends instead of having to wonder where he is.


Slammermike said...

I hope he had a great birthday!!

I'm sure the pain you're feeling right now isn't as bad as getting beat with a mailbox

awb said...

There are days I miss getting beat with mailboxes!