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Monday, March 9, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Neuro Stimulator, Regular Day of Not Feeling Good, and Ben Stein Rules

The wife and I like watching Sunday Morning on CBS, it usually has really uplifting stories instead of the horrors the real news has, plus I can remember when it's on. One of my favorite guys is Bill Geist, he does real light hearted pieces about off the wall things, like dog beauty pageants and the such. One of my heroes is also on the show, Ben Stein. He has a great resume, including Presidential speech writer, actor, comedian, game show host and political analyst. He gave his unique views on how to fix our current economic woes, and made me laugh at the same time! I just wish he had given me one Bueller.

I didn't feel very good yesterday, regular human not feeling good, not super human MS dude not feeling good. That is always a sure sign that I won't feel good the next day, and this was no exception. I feel like I was left out of the frigifrator overnight, and thawed out a little too much. Everything is where it is supposed to be still, I just can't feel it to be able to use it the right way. I think I notice it in my hands more then my legs? The old legs never feel right, so they can only get so much more unsteady. The hands on the other hand, ha, that was good, but the hands give me a fit. My hands feel like they are 10 times there normal size, with not a whole lot of dexterity. Lets hope tomorrow brings better things.

Speaking of what tomorrow brings, I sure hope it brings word of the stim. I'm very excited about the entire concept, especially since I'm having so much trouble getting the new AFO right. The stim place is on the West coast, so I can't drive there to pick it up. If it was in Kansas I may had taken a road trip to pick it up by now. I might even be able to wear my high top Chucks again, but we won't rush things. I will give up the Chucks if this thing works, plus it gives me a reason to go on a shopping spree for new shoes! I wish that did it for me the way it would if the wife had a reason to go shoe shopping!


froggysoprano said...

Hope things improve and soon, then maybe you can learn to spell. Jake can teach you. Love, Frog

awb said...

Nobody taught me to spell when I was a kid, what makes you think I can learn now? I can spell what I'm thinking right now though!!!