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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Rusted Steps, Brothers, and Stupid TV Commercials

Has everyone seen the Antwerpen car commercials? I'm trying to figure out what the hell the main idea of the ads are. I don't know if the 2 guys are related or not, but they are in all the ads. The one guy is the owner, so I suppose he OK's the ads, after all, he's in them! They almost all end up with them getting splashed with water, or shaving cream, or something along those lines. Why does that make me want to buy a car from them? It makes me want to NOT buy anything from them! I don't know that I would cross the street to put them out if they were on fire at this point! They rate right up there with that fat bastard that used to say "YEP" to every deal.

I'm going out with the brother tomorrow, going to watch him work and grab some lunch. Yes, it is a surprise, I'm not an only child. I'm actually the middle of three, we just talk about the other 2! The brother owns a landscaping business, so I will rag him all day tomorrow about the way he is doing things. I'm going to check the Baltimore Snackers website to find a good place to go for lunch. The last time we went Mexican, maybe Indian, or noodles? I'd better have a backup plan, the brother isn't that adventuresome and eater. I wonder if we can find a place that sells good manudo? Oh well, either way, it should be a nice day.

The side porch fell off of the house yesterday. OK, it didn't actually fall off, but the bottom step did. That isn't note worthy in many cases, but we have the traditional 1970's style side porch, made from steel, weighing about 6 tons! All the houses in here have them, and they are all starting to show serious signs of rust. My problem is I use the side door. I suppose you would say just use the front door, but it's not that easy. The front steps are cement, and there is a lip to the top step. I can not get my foot over that lip without getting the toe of my shoe caught. I guess I need to have a new porch put on, but we have to keep the 1970's aluminum awning, it's cool!


Slammermike said...

You going to look into putting a porch with a ramp on the side??

Those ads are really bad

awb said...

No ramp at this point, but the design will easily accommodate one in the future if needed.