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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Bioness Stimulator Excitement, Friends Galore, and New CSA Farmer

What a busy schedule I am having today, didn't know I was this popular! I went out to lunch with an old friend from high school, hadn't seen him in years and it was great. We are going to church for the corned beef and cabbage supper, and then tonight we will finish it off with a St. Patties day party at another friend's house. Man, this life in the fast lane is exhausting! OK, this is so odd I can't even put it into words. I go weeks, sometimes months without ever leaving the house, but today I am busier then a one armed paper hanger! I will enjoy it though, I may be home until June!

We went up to dinner last night at our friends house that is starting the CSA at his house. Dinner was great, conversation was great, it was just, well great. They have a beautiful home, and an ideal setting for their new endeavour. We just started getting free range eggs from them, we will get some chickens from them later in the summer, and it's possible we may get a pig too! Being their first year, we are going to see how it works, but it should be a hoot. They have asparagus planted, 3 types of blueberries, fruit trees, and all the the standards will go in. We will have a
10 x10 plot to grow anything we want special. I will let you know how it progresses.

I'm trying to ignore the Bioness l300 stimulator sitting on top of the entertainment center. It's fully charged, all ready to go, I'm just missing the knowledge of how to use it. I know, not knowing how to do something has never stopped me before, but this is different. I am so anxious for this thing to be on my leg, I can hardly contain myself. This is almost as bad as the time I found the Baltimore Colt jacket in the well of the station wagon in September and then had to wait until Christmas to wear it. The main difference is I plan on wearing this stim a hell of a lot longer then I wore that jacket, and getting way more enjoyment out of it too!


Diane J Standiford said...

Think how MUCH busier you will be AFTER you are stimulated. Busier than an umbrella in Seattle!

awb said...

Good one Diane. How about Busier than a one-legged guy in a butt kickin' contest?

froggysoprano said...

Did you just happen to fing the jacket? I don't recall many reasons you would be in the well of the trunk. Maybe to find your father's cigarettes. I fogot , your sister forced you to smoke so she provided them , huh?