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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Stim Starts Tomorrow, and Family, Good and Bad

Tomorrow is it! The brother is taking me to get the stimulator calibrated to my leg tomorrow, let the games begin! I need to ask a few things procedurally tomorrow, like who does maintenance, what I do if it malfunctions, do I get a loner, those type of things. Do I just turn it off when I drive, leave it on, or turn it up? I can't wait to find all these things out, plus about a bazillion other things! How long is a charge good for, how long does the battery last, and where do I get a new one? Just one more time to bed then boom, I'm a stim user baby!

We got some bad news last, the wife's uncle John passed away in New Hampshire. We are waiting to find out the particulars of the funeral arrangements, if any, to see if there is anything we are doing. It's about a 10hour drive from Baltimore, so I don't know that is an option, particularly for me. Flying is always possible, but I don't think the mother can anymore for health reasons, and I'm a scared to fly, and not sure if I can because of my issue with motion. I tend not to handle certain types of motion well, makes feel light headed and woozy, and did I mention I'm a scared? The train is the last option, the Acela runs from Washington to Boston nonstop, kinda. We shall see what happens.

The girl is heading down the grandparents house for the week, they should all have a good time with that. This will be her first long drive by herself, 3 hours, so I hope the weather cooperates. She has a good running car and a gps system, so she should be find. Without the gps I would be a little worried though, she can't find her ass in the dark with both hands! Her and my mother are kindred spirits, cut from the same mold. They will spend hours talking about everything the can think of, go book shopping, and visit with the rest of the Eastern shore crew. I'm glad she wanted to do this on her spring break from college, she is a good egg, even if she is a little cracked, just like her old man!

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