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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Ball Busting Fatigue, and an American Hero Has His Day

What a life John Finn has led! He was 32 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. A lot of men his age joined the service that day, but John didn't need to, he was already there. His heroism was well documented, and he was the first recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor from WWII. John was given the medal from Admiral Nimitz, he never got to meet FDR. John was in Washington today to lay a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery, and then met with the President at the White House. Finn is currently the oldest living recipient of the CMH, he will be 100 in July. Mr Finn is living history, and a true American hero!

I am tired all the time anymore. I go to bed that way, and I wake up that way too. It's a miserable feeling for anyone who has never experience severe fatigue. I just can't seem to catch up, naps don't help, going to bed early and sleeping late don't either. My weight is killing me, it's not easy dragging 300 lbs around under the best conditions, but it's even harder with shaky legs, and no energy. I'm still doing my physical therapy exercises, and walking with the stimulator, but I'm having a pity party today. Today wouldn't be a good day to borrow money from me, I'm tired, I'm numb, I'm fat, and I'm bored, but at least I got to smile seeing Mr Finn finally have his day.


Libby said...

that is a happy story about mr finn! and i hope you feel better, and not so "fatigued". i didnt know anything about fatigue, until i'd had ms for a few years, then *bam* it got me!

awb said...

I like happy stories that make me want to cry, sure beats the other reasons! I think I was fatigued when I was born, but I don't remember, I was just a baby.

Libby said..., in the 80's, only old people were ever tired & needed naps, remember? the rest of us never want to "fade away", just go til we run into a brick wall headfirst!

awb said...

It was a great period wasn't it? we lived an apartment but can't remember it at all! Good times, we were never there!

Slammermike said...

God Bless Mr Finn and all the other WW II vets that are disappearing way too fast. They have been called the Super Generation. They fought in WW II and lived through the depression. They were here to fight off communism. In my estimation they are probably the strongest generation we have had. They were doers not whiners. I am still amazed when I see some old guy that you know just from the way he walks and holds his body that he is wrecked with pain but never a word. They were a tough bunch. I always like to remember the story of Al Misterka. What a crusty old guy he was that ran the American Legion Hall. For the longest tim I thought of Al as the old man that ran the hall. I later found out that Al was an American hero. He was a WWII vet that had been held in a German POW camp for a number of years. The Germans were taking the Red Cross packages and medicines. They were starving the prisoners to death. One night Al and several fellow POWs managed to excape and get away clean. A short way down the road they came upon a farm. They found some farm animals and killed them for food. BUT what Al and the others did then was amazing. They went back to the POW camp and sneaked back in with the food to share with the others. HE was home free!!!! And yet he went back!!!!! I found out this story when it was published in a local news paper celebrating one of the anniversaries of D-Day. I think it was the 50th. ANyway after reading this incredible story and then realizing that this is the same crusty old guy that ran the Legion Hall I asked him about it. Al didn't think it was a big deal. He said how could he leave his fellow POWs behind to starve and die. He had to go back. A short time after that the camp was liberated. Al was decorated. I don't recall what medal he received. Suddenly he wasn't this little old man. I realized that at one time he was young and fought for this nation. He was a hero. I felt honored to know him. Unfortunately Al passed away a few years after that, but I never looked at him the same way.
So if I'm having a bad day I think about those guys who had days much worse than I can probably imagine and thank God they were there to answer the bell. God Bless all our Service people, vets and public safety officials !