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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, LDN Does a Job, and Pavan Indian Grocery For Lunch

I'm trying to figure out what I think of the LDN? I've been taking it for 3 months, and I think I am having less cramps in my legs, but I'm not sure. I was having what I called cycling cramps every evening starting around 7 PM or so. By cycling I mean one would hit, run its course, and then a new one would start right away. This would go on for a few hours, hopefully stopping before I went to bed, but not usually. I've been doing this MS gig for sure since '87, probably since about '80, so I have learned to take bits and pieces where I can find them. When I started the LDN, I had hopes of it being a golden bullet that would fix everything right up, 3 months in I'm happy to give it credit for dealing with the cramps. Put a check in the LDN column.

The wife and I went to an Indian grocery store for lunch today. I was figuring on getting a couple of tidbits to take with me, figuring the wife would turn her nose up at the entire idea. There was a real nice guy sitting there eating his lunch, he could tell we had never been there before, and he gave us a couple of suggestions of what to try. They had a really big menu in what appeared to Greek or something, I couldn't read it. They have a daily buffet for $7 bucks or so, it included soup, 2 vegetable combos with rice. It was served with a fried bread that was excellent. We decided to dive right in to the deep end of the pool. The veggie fritters were excellent with a sweet sauce to dip them in. I think the one dish was a chick pea dal with greens, I ate that with the bread and a sweet chili sauce, great! The other was combo of fried veggies in a lentil pastes with chili's. All was good, and the dessert was rice balls done different with sweet syrup. We will be going back to Pavan Foods in Parkville, it was fun, and it was clean, and the people were nice.


Anonymous said...

LDN not only increases endorphins, it reduces the effect of excess nitric oxide, I was on it for over a year (4.5) and I thought it wasn't working. When I went off, my bladder and spasms got worse. I'm now taking it again. The strange thing is, as I continue my mercury detoxification, the more LDN has an effect.

awb said...

I too stopped the LDN, and within a day or so the cramps came back. I'm curious what you are doing along the lines of a mercury detox? I'm interested in doing it, but can't figure out the best route to take.