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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, $1 Crabs, Cranking Up the Stimulator, and Used Furniture Haven

I learned something about the stim today I didn't know, or I forgot. I was out in the yard getting the idiot garden started, some broccoli and yellow squash, and as I was finishing up, I got tired. I was having problems getting the leg up, and the foot wasn't cooperating. I took the remote control out of my pocket and cranked up the juice, I had forgotten about that. It did the trick short term and I was able to finish outside and get in the house without a crane. It is still catching me off guard how tired I get from actually using the leg. Makes me wonder if I agreed to the original brace too early, and now I am trying to overcome that as well?

It's dollar crab night, and I am starving! I am going to put a dent in those little water arachnids! We have a crab eating table downstairs, all the fancy people do you know. It's our old sewing machine treadle based table that you can do anything on. Got that one from the parents years ago, like a lot of our furniture! I am either really thrifty, or really cheap, probably a little of both, we have very little furniture we bought new. None of our sofas, or chairs, or bedroom furniture, sans beds, all but 1 of our TV's, and a couple of end tables lived someplace else before here! I'm thinking now the couple of things we did buy we got screwed on!


Libby said...

hmmm...i never tried much seafood at all, and crabs just don't sound tasty to me...i think that's just a 'hangover' from the negative image that we gave the word "crabs" when i was a teenager! lol! but my daughter loves any kind of seafood, especially crab legs!!

awb said...

This is the whole animal, pretty barbaric really. We rip them apart and eat almost everything inside. We had those other crabs too when I was growing up!

Paul is a Hermit said...

Andy, word must be getting around about that sleek contraption you are wearing, because someone is wondering if they can get financial help with getting one on The Health Central MS question site.
Any advice for them? Doesn't matter, just asking, they mentioned a Bioness, and I didn't remember if that's what you had or not till now.

That is water over the? dam? bridge? I don't know! Anyway that you can do as much already, seems good progress. That will take some getting used to; it's amazing what it does.

awb said...

I will check it out Paul, but no, or at least they didn't take my insurance.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Thanks, Andy, that was kind of you. Didn't mean to put you on a spot. I'm glad they saw somebody who has one and what you've experienced so far with it, and the financial end.
Sorry to hear you not getting financial help, good stuff doesn't come cheap.
I hope that person, if they find anything, will write about it. If I see it, I'll let you know.

awb said...

Thanks Paul, nothing to it really, I didn't have the info they were looking for I'm sure.