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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, AFO Adjustments, End of Physical Therapy, and Lending a Helping Hand

I've worn the new brace for a couple of days now, still not sure what I think? I'm going to have the guy adjust a few things, take the ankle strap off and see about getting rid of the padding on the bottom of my foot. Well, not get rid of the padding on the bottom of my foot, the padding on the brace where the bottom of my foot goes. All of it is a comfort issue comparing the new brace with the old, and at this point the old brace holds a slight lead in that department. We shall keep at it until I get it just right! Still no word on the stim, I will wait until tomorrow, then start a courteous phone campaign to find out what is next.

Physical therapy was the last one until the stim comes. We adjusted the height of my cane, it was a little long, high, whichever one makes sense. The therapy gal had me use one of their adjustable metal canes with a straight handle and I liked it! I have a wooden shepards hook cane that is all beat to hell, and it gave me a splinter in my chin, so I may have to replace it. I got the splinter resting my chin on the hook of the cane. I did like the one today. The therapy girl asked me if I was ever serious, and I asked her why? She told me it was a very good point! There are enough times that I have to deal in reality, so I live by Willy Wonka's credo, a little whimsy now and then is relished by the wisest men.

I started looking into setting up a not for profit charity today. In one day I learned that a non profit raises money for a charity, making no profit. A not for profit is allowed to raise money, pay salaries, and donate or perform a service. I think that's right, if it's not, it's all going to be in the wife's name, I'll miss her! The wife is the ideal person to be in a position like that, she is the premeir event planner in the Baltimore area, but it gets old raising money for people who don't appreciate it. It's time for her to do it for something that excites her, and she looks forward to doing it, all while having me tag along with her like Chewy to her Chelsea Lately!


mdmhvonpa said...

Serious people tend to die early ... don't repeat their mistake!

awb said...

I don't intend to, and I'm like Johnny Tightlips on the Simpsons, I don't repeat nuttin!

wonlife said...

i tried the stim thing (if we're talking about the same thing) and didn't like it. a brace was also mentioned. sometimes i just get sick of continually modifying my life for this stinkin' disease.

awb said...

I had a pretty good experience when I had my tryout with the stim, the Bioness L300. I've also had the AFO for 3 years, just got my new one the other day. This has been year after year of modifying, I'm hoping for a break on this one wonlife. I think we all could use one of those!

Slammermike said...

If you start the charity I hope you don't get a call from the Attorney General's Office

awb said...

Bring it on, been there, done that! My last names not Bell!

Herrad said...

Hi there,

Setting up a non profit charity which can do useful stuff sounds a good plan.

Have a great weekend.


awb said...

Herrad, we have gotten tons of support over the years, it would be nice to return the favor if we can.