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Monday, March 23, 2009

Baltimore County Government, Rec and Parks Land Acquisition, and No Trespassing as a Marketing Strategy

Ya ever get a bee in your bonnet over something that normally you wouldn't notice? I am in the middle of that right now with this piece of property here in Perry Hall. When I first starting working for the Sheriff's Department in 1983, the Sheriff was ordered to take a piece of property for the common good so it could be made into a park. The part went someplace else, but 3 three houses still got torn down in about 84? I know the one house belonged to an elderly couple who got uprooted to someplace else. That's the easy part of the story for me, this is when it gets a little strange.

I'm waiting for the land records copy to get here to see if I can figure out why the County tax records show they bought the property in 1997? There is also a private company operating a nursery on the site right now. My councilman told me the County leased the property to them for $1135/acre for the entire year, that's $10,215 for the entire year. Google property in Perry Hall to see why that's an incredible deal! The nursery has no sign, the mailing address is a PO Box, and their water supply is a fire hydrant! Sweet deal if you can get it. Rec and Parks says it is advertises when the County has property to rent for farm use on the County website, and the Jeffersonian Newspaper. I couldn't find any record of the ad, and is a nursery considered a farm?

Like I said, I usually don't care about this sort of thing, but the answers I got were insulting. I asked if they thought it was odd that the only signs at the address were do not enter, and no trespassing? They asked me how I knew the nursery put those signs up? I told them I obviously didn't know who put them up, but I knew it wasn't me, and logic says the county didn't rent the land to them and then put up do not enter signs! I called them today to see if I could get in on this action, but they told me they haven't had any property up for lease for a couple of years. That's odd, the nursery was the only bid in February of this year?

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