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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well Done Steelers, We Need Some Real Heroes, and Micheal Phelps Endorses New Bong

It was a sports filled day today. A really good football game, proof that replay should go away, and that superstars don't get thrown out when they throw multiple punches at guys on the ground! What a drive to end the football game, well done with the pressure on. Did they not look at the pass that ended the game? They look at really stupid plays during the season, and they chose not to check that one out? I think it was a fumble, but how did they decide to not review it? The defensive player of the year should have been thrown out of the game for throwing multiple punches. They threw the flag, so they definitely saw it.

Poor Micheal Phelps. It's getting so a 23 year old hero can't suck on a bong anymore without people raising a stink. He said he was sorry, and he wants everyone to know he is only 23, therefore you have to allow him to make childish mistakes. NOT! I wonder if he will lose his endorsements this time? Can we sue him to see about getting the money back Baltimore County spent on the 2nd Micheal Phelps day, and the naming of his Street to Phelps Acres, or whatever they called it? Maybe we should give him another Phelps day to celebrate he wasn't photoged shooting up Heroin?

Are we in this much trouble that we can't find regular people to be role models, we have to pick these guys, and Hollywood types? What's it say about our society that we can't find regular people to look up to? My father did a lot for the young people in his work, but also with volunteering as a coach for both me and the brother. That's something to be looked up to. What has Phelps ever done for me? Where is his mother now? She was quick to be in the parade, man up and take some responsibility in this part. To all you poor slobs who go to work everyday, make enough money to get by, don't have any endorsements, and have never had a parade but somehow manage not to crank on your bong, I tip my hat to you! I can handle mistakes, but I dispise outright stupidity!



It was a great game!!

Hey, Andy, I saw you moonlighting over at HealthCentral. How's it to be interviewed and featured?

Should I stick to AWB or switch to Andy here on your blog? Your choice.

cmm said...

Michael Phelps was STUPID! At a college football party? He will lose endorsements. At least be smart enough when the world is watching you to smoke your bong at home with your 2 best friends in private! (Yes, I'm kidding kids, don't do it all.)

Give mom a break. I hope no one holds me responsible for my 23 year old son's actions when the time comes! And I hope she smacked him upside his head before she went to talk to her middle schoolers about her sons drug use. I would not have wanted to be her today!

awb said...

Lisa you can call me anything but late for dinner.

CMM, I agree, do what you want, but be smart about it. I could care less what he does, but it does bother me when you see him, and his family, riding the wave, going to Ravens, Capitols, and Wizards games as the conquering hero in the owners box. I don't want people to think that all Baltimorons are that dumb!

Uncle Bud said...

come on BD, it's not like he was drinking beer and shooting innocent people with a bb gun.

awb said...

This is true, I still can't watch "A Christmas Story" without cringing when I see Red Ryder!

Slammermike said...

The only thing I know is if I had done the same youthful regrettable behavior, I would have

1 not been hired for the job I have now

2 If it happened after I was hired I would be fired

3 probably got my ass kicked by my one legged Father for being so dumb

froggysoprano said...

You weren't drinking beer and shooting the BB gun I hope. I would like to think one of you was sober. Where was your big head grandfather? I know , Pimlico.

awb said...

I wasn't drinking, either was Lee Harvey. Chas was at the mission serving soup.