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Friday, January 30, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Physical Therapy, and Scanning Family Slides

2 weeks of therapy in the bag, my back hurts a little bit, I'm profoundly tired, and I'm not sure it's been long enough to have an informed opinion on the benefits/harm of said therapy. I feel like that teenage wizard dude, the one my father calls Harvey Porter, when the bones in his one arm turned to rubber. My right hand isn't worth too much right now, I'm hoping that gets better, eventually. I haven't decided what I think of some of the methods used, maybe I just don't get it. I'm not sure if my Squiggle Wiggle pen is going to help me, or break my foot when I drop it on my toes!

I was at the therapist the other day, sitting in the waiting room, when an elderly woman came out from the therapy room. She was trying to put her coat on, it was about 25 degrees outside and snowing. She was having a hard time getting her second arm into its sleeve, she had he coat all twisted around. After her third try, I stood and offered to help her. She was able to get the coat on easily, thanked me, and gave me a hug. Small things that make you feel good. There was another elderly woman in the waiting room and when the first woman left, she came over and gave me a hug too! She also apologized because when I first came in and sat down, she got up and moved because I made her uncomfortable! I decided it was time to shave my winter beard off and look less like a mountain man so I would stop scarring old ladies!

I just finished scanning my parents slides, all 3,700 of them, oh how I need to get a life! It was actually fun, I thought I had seen them all over the years, but I was wrong, and I'm really glad I was. I had forgotten what a cute kid I was! There are a couple of slides that the camera must have been broken, it made my head look huge! I will in a few weeks start the same thing with the in laws slides, the ones yhe wife said didn't exist. I know more about her family than she does. I look forward to seeing all the pictures of her when she was a little girl, she's 47 today by the way. Happy birthday baby! I bought an Epson photo scanner for $100, split 3 ways with the brother and sister. Having done that many slides, I wish I had told them it was $100 a peice!


Slammermike said...

First off and most importantly a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Mrs. I remember you telling me a while back that you had to get some younger friends. But later this month you celebrate another birthday too. It seems we are becoming the old farts that were at work when we started there oh so many years ago. But I think we are definitely younger at heart than those guys were.

Did you get a new or separate hard drive for all those photos? What a great history you have there.

Anonymous said...

This is your favorite time of the year being wed to an older woman. Just think of the good time you will enjoy when your sister celebrates her big day. She won't be happy with you or Matt if you even mention it.

awb said...

I know Slammer, between the gray hair, and being retired since I was 35, I'm starting to feel old!

Unanimous,I would never do anything to make my sister feel bad about turning 50, and I can't believe you would suggest I would!

Anonymous said...

I know plenty about my family! Plenty! Maybe not everything but still plenty and enough with the older woman jokes!! I am not older - I am more experienced!! HA!

awb said...

You didn't even know which of you 4 grandparents was a twin. I had to tell you ya old bat!