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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Stuck at Home, and a Busted Hot Water Heater

Day three of my captivity, I sit, I wait, no hot water. Don't these people know I have things to do? Oh yeah, never mind, I don't. Still, I get tired of waiting on people. I do go out to the grocery store, or to the library, or to Burger King to play bingo, come on time, bring the part, and fix it the first time! I was kidding about bingo, I haven't gotten that bad, yet. 5 words you don't want to hear from the BGE guy when you are standing in the basement, and he is looking at your hot water heater, "I usually do kitchens"! Let us hope that they can get it done on the third visit.

Today would have been a good day to don our winter shorts and go watch wild life along the numerous walking paths in Perry Hall, they even have handicapped parking. I'm not sure I get the idea of handicapped parking at a walking trail, that's like having a cash bar at an AA meeting! There is a light covering of snow on the ground, a nice breeze, just perfect for sitting outside. Hey, I could even work on my vitamin D consumption/absorption/intake. You wanna get noticed, go sit in a folding chair, looking like I do, in shorts, with a soda, a donut, and some Slim Jims on a snowy day! Just not today, BGE is coming between 8 and 5!

I think I over did it at the therapy session yesterday? My arms from the elbow down, and my legs from the knees down, are vibrating today. I feel like I'm running a jackhammer, but I'm obviously not. I also had the jumps in my legs last night for a little while, but they stopped as suddenly as they started. The LDN must have kicked in, go LDN! I have to ask if riding a bike is something that will fit the program. I'm pretty sure the walking paths, some of them at least, are for bikes too. All that stuff from above, the shorts, Slim Jims, add a helmet to that get up, sweet!

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mdmhvonpa said...

Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. I was fortunate enough to have the where-with-all to replace my own gas water heater when it dropped out on Memorial Day last year.