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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Physical Therapy, and LDN Acting Empirically

The girls at therapy tried to kill me today! I asked them both if they got paid extra if they made me cry? I did an exercise bike thingy for your hands that the resistance kept changing, no fun at all watching the clock click down from 8:00 to zero, I was ready for a break at 7:15! They are both happy with the progress I have made, I am more flexible, more able to lift the right leg off the floor. I don't know, it feels to me that I am just more tired, more numb, and did I mention more tired? Only 3 more visits until my evaluation, I hope they have a little graduation ceremony, I do like parties.

The interview I did at Multiple Sclerosis Central seems to be well received, I was worried about that part. I wasn't sure if I was going to tell anyone, but I'm glad I did. I'd like to say the whole thing was me, but without Merly Me recruiting me to do it, and asking the questions, I'd still be wondering the best way to get my message out, thanks. It's also exciting to check back every once in a while and see that there is another response, pretty cool.

The LDN seems to be going well, I'm thrilled that the leg cramps are doing so much better, so if you have empirical evidence that it can't from the medicine have the courtesy to keep it to yourself! I still haven't told the neuro I'm taking it, he's such a nice guy I suppose I'm holding off so I don't hurt his feelings. Empirical is a good word to describe LDN because it's definitions support both sides of the medical opinion concerning it. I loved learning words that the definitions didn't help all that much. So far this year I wanted to do PT, I wanted to start the LDN, and I wanted to eat better. You have to admit, 2 out of 3 ain't bad! It's $1 crab night in Perry Hall, yahoo!


Anonymous said...

How were the crabs? I could go for some now. Don't say it I am not going. Keep working on the pt. We got another snow shower that lasted about 5 minutes. Cb is having a lot less pain today. the shot helped a lot.

awb said...

They were excellent. I'm glad the shot helped him, he said he almost punched the doctor.