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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Physical Therapy, Neuro-Muscular Stimulator, and Another Year Gone

I had therapy today, PT will continue, but OT is finished, I'm just supposed to continue with my regiment at home. It's funny, I start out with the exercises with my hand like gangbusters! After about the third or fourth rep though, depending on what motion, I have had it, and sometimes I don't even remember ordering it. The good news is they tell me I increased in all categories, even with the strength. I'm not sure if I feel it or not, but I don't feel any worse, so I'll take it. I'm still waiting for the brace, should come in next week, I'm looking forward to seeing if there is a difference.

I made an appointment with the neuro-muscular stimulator company, Dankmeyer Inc. I go next Tuesday at 1 to take it for a test drive. The guy told me they will measure things, put it on, and I will be able to walk around the office. They said they have had great success with Multiple Sclerosis patients and I told them, hey, I have that! If all goes as planned, I will need a prescription from my doctor, they will order it, and I will need to come in to have the unit calibrated to my musculature. Doesn't look like insurance covers any of it, so I will be trying to sell some of my oil paintings. First thing first, let us see if it does any good, then worry when I have something to worry about.

It's my birthday today, and don't worry, I don't like cards, so you are in the clear for not sending one. I got, or will get all the usual phone calls, parents, in-laws, out-laws, Slammer always calls and says things I can only repeat to my sister, sailors would blush! I won't see the girl today and it feels like this may be the first time? Going out to dinner with the wife and boy, we were going to have crabs, but with the OT the picking would be tough. Reminds me of the time the wife fixed me a big steak dinner when I got home from the dentist, no respect! We go to the beach tomorrow, so I'm sure the guys will have a parade or something down Ocean Highway, so tonight will just be a peaceful night with me and my baby, the best gift I could ever ask for!



Just gotta say that I'm getting to where I really ENJOY PT sessions. Today I actually walked on the treadmill for 4 minutes, rested, and another 2 minutes before thinking that my jello legs were going to collapse.

BTW, I didn't realize that you painted. Are these your oil paintings which might turn into a stimulator walking device?

awb said...

I enjoy it when they stretch out my legs, it's very relaxing. As for the oil paintings, the extent of my painting is when I painted the hall bathroom! I don't even have oil paintings to sell!


Well, you got me there then. LOL.

herrad said...


Hope you had a good birthday.
Look forward to your next post and hearing how the neuro-muscular stimulator is working for you.
Be brilliant if the insurance covered it.
Take care to keep warm and cheerful