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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Neuromuscular Stimulator, a Chance to Relearn

I had therapy today, went well, and they set me up with information on intramuscular stimulator's. There appear to be a few rival groups, Bioness and Walkaide. Both seem similar, but have basic differences. I am in the process of working my way through the two so as to figure out what one will suit me the best. Both cost over $5000, so that is the first hurdle to clear. They both go on the calf, but the Bioness seems to be a little bulkier. I'm looking for testimonials of patients walking out of the office, not a bit on the television or computer.

Next step is to get an appointment with a guy named Mark Hopkins who works for Dankmeyer Inc. I was told by my therapy gals he was the dude to speak with. Don't know what the time schedule is to get in to see him but will cross that stream when I get to it. I'm just thinking of how great it would be to go barefoot in the summer without scraping all the skin off the top of my foot. I still have to see if I'm a candidate for it, I may not have enough tactile feeling on my skin for it to work. I am thrilled shitless, an old family term, that this is mechanical not chemical. Either way, we shall see what we see. I'm also looking for trials to see if I would qualify for any break in the price.

I wonder how such a device effects you as you drive? The brace I wear was tough to get used to because it didn't allow the ankle to flex down, so pushing the gas and more importantly, the break, was tough to get used to. I have to break with my left foot, and if I could figure it out, I'd have the pedals moved over for the left foot to do it all. Like I said, I'm excited about being able to not wear shoes, some days not use the cane, have a little bit of me back

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