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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ocean City, Friends, and Time Together

We are home from the Ocean, what a great time! We had a blast! My body is not going to be talking to me tomorrow, but sometimes you have to take a chance it will get mad. We met up with the sister and one of the nieces on Friday night, so we were able to combine 2 things. We got together at one of the guys soon to be retirement home in Bethany Beach last night, what a good time, their home is beautiful! They bought the modular home that I wanted for my homestead out in the middle of nowhere, great house.

We all played pool, ate a ton of food, laugh so hard we almost cried, and forgot for a weekend that we had any responsibilities or worries. For most of us it has been about 25 years together, and it has been great! We are all a little older, for me the daughter is the same age I was when I met them, 21, and not one of us is any wiser. At one point it was so loud I realized we were yelling to hear the person sitting across from us. The wife got to rest a little bit, we got to spend some time being a couple, it was like we were dating again.

We went to the parents house on Friday on the way down, and stopped today on the way home. We went up to the board walk today before we headed out, it was absolutely gorgeous weather! I don't walk the boards like I used to, but I can still do one of my favorites, people watch! I sat there in my shorts watching people pass by in parkas and fur coats. After a long weekend together I heard a few parents threaten their kids with bodily harm and a few couples show utter disdain for each other. This all happened while I sat and watched my baby flit from store to store, looking for that one winter beach bargain you have to find, and smiling and waving to me as she entered each store. What a lucky guy I am!


Slammermike said...

I couldn't agree more with you. It was a BLAST! It was good to see your sister and niece again. I hadn't seen them in a while.

I think that is one of the nicest thing about the group we were with. Not only do all the people that worked together enjoy getting together but all the spouses and the children and even brothers & sisters enjoy it. Your sister came in and it was like old times seeing her. It would be the same for my brother or any of our parents. They all attended our functions. We got to know them through family functions. It is one great big family.

A great example I think is when my Father passed away 10 years ago, most of the people that were there this weekend came to either the viewing or funeral which was a 2 hour drive one way.

The house was beautiful. They just opened it up for all to enjoy. The basement was out of sight! We got some great photos that I'll be sending along later today.

It was a nice hotel this year. I would like to go back there next year. Almost every room had a fireplace in it.

Again as always the company was great. The food was great. My sides still hurt from laughing.
I couldn't ask for a better group of friends to spend time with.

awb said...

I got your basement, and your fireplace right here! How was I supposed to know the house had a crawl space? As for the fireplace, I still haven't figured that one out, but I'm on to you, I'm on to ALL of you!