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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Physical Therapy, and LDN Stopping Leg Cramps

I'm not sure what I think of the physical therapy? In most cases I think it probably can't hurt, but in my case I'm not sure. Over the years any repetitive motion has caused me problems, and that's what the pt is. It has shown me some things I wasn't aware of, like the reason my right knee hurts so much sometimes is that I hyper extend it when I walk. They also showed me how to try and walk so I don't do it, but it just makes me look like I'm in serious need of a bathroom! I'm not giving up on it, I go in the morning and I'm hoping they show me some stretching that helps me with my legs.

The LDN is doing something that doesn't make much sense, according to the doctors, it has gotten rid of leg cramps. OK, it hasn't gotten rid of them, but it has made it much more tolerable. Do I know it's the LDN that has helped with it? Of course I do! I have a positive attitude, a great outlook, and I am healing myself with my mind and spirit. That being said, I can tell you that in the time I have been taking it things have been better. If it's not the LDN, don't prove it to me, I don't want to know.

I finished a project I started, something of an accomplishment for me, not because I have MS, but rather that I'm a flake! I wanted to scan my parent's 35 mm slides so we could all enjoy them in our own way, and I did it. Yep, all 2,850 of them, give or take a few. I need to transfer them onto a few memory sticks and mail them off to the mother, the sister, and the brother. I may have to make this a habit, finishing things, maybe it's time to finish the hall bathroom, put a door on the turbo toilet section? I think I will stop and look at doors on the way home from therapy tomorrow, or come straight home and take a nap, depends on how it goes.


Denver Physical Therapy Colorado said...

I feel for you about your Physical Therapy comment. It is challenging with MS. In my experience, some people with MS benefit from exercise while others do not.

It is a real challenge to balance the optimal amount of activity, with the optimal way of performing the activity, with being as functional as possible.

awb said...

Thanks for the comment, and the info Denver, it's good to hear I'm not totally off my rocker. The therapist understands that when I am supposed to be flexing my abdominal muscles, I don't know if I have abdominal muscles! We shall see how I make out, thanks again.


I have been loving PT the more I'm doing it. However, I didn't have that much improvement needed. Basically lots of work on balance, core muscles, and conditioning. Oh, and learning how to work within my fatigue limits.

But what I really wanted to say is... oh my goodness, that's a lot of pictures you scanned and stored. I need to do the same thing.

awb said...

Those little pins in the occupational therapy are the worst for me, I can't manipulate those things to save my soul! If you can fit it in, the slides are a lot of fun, a lot of work, but fun.