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Monday, January 12, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Physical Therapy, and Foreign Language Deficiency

I got started with my physical therapy today, had the initial evaluation. The therapist told me she thought I would benefit from both physical and occupational therapy, which is what my prescription was for. She gave me a very thorough going over, took the whole history, asked me what my favorite color was, the whole nine yards. She twisted my hands, bent my elbows, and pulled my finger, that was a hard one to pass on! I'm supposed to start going up and down stairs one step at a time, good leg first. They will give me more helpful things as we go, but I liked the way it went for the first day.

I think sometimes there are reasons why we put things off, either because we have an inner voice that we should wait, or maybe our schedules are so busy we don't have an option, or the one that best describes me, we are dumb asses that drag our feet! I am past due for a new AFO brace, I should already have a new one, but I don't. The PT folks said today it is probably a good thing I haven't taken care of it, they would prefer I do it through them. The idea for the new one is pretty much the same, but after I get some work on my right leg, specifically the knee, I may not need the brace as much, we shall see. I need more work then just my right knee, but it's a good starting point.

The girl and me set up her new GPS that came today, an unexpected, late Christmas gift(thanks). I usually do fairly well setting up electronic devices, and I suspect I would have breezed through this too, but I made one little mistake, I hit the wrong language in the initial setup! Man, that was all French to me, but worse, this was Spanish! This wasn't like ordering at a Mexican restaurant where they had pictures, this was like a totally different language. It made me realize how much I'd like to learn Spanish, and how much I wish I had taken a foreign language in school. I'm still trying to figure out how I skipped that one, but that just gets added to the list of things I skipped. As for Spanish, I'm looking on Craig's list for a copy of Rosetta Stone.


Slammermike said...

Sounds like PT is going good. Too bad Sgt. Blake isn't there to help with it.
We got a GPS for Christmas also. It works great. It seems to get pissed off if you stray from their directions. So I decided to see how much I could confuse it.
We were driving to a bank in Cockeysville following the directions. Then I decided to take an unplanned right turn. The GPS dealt with it fine and started recalculating the best route to our destination. Then I turned into a school parking lot. Still no problem until I decided to drive in circles on the parking lot. Then it was constant recalculating. Over & over & over

Anonymous said...

You should see how my GPS reacts when I drive onto a new road! We need to update ours via the computer but until then it is so funny. It looks like we are flying through the air! I think the last time it happened the GPS said, "I don't know where the hell you are!" Really. It did! No Bull!!

awb said...

Slammer, he almost killed me once, no do overs. It's to believe now I ever did it at all!

Anonymous said...

you big dummy, maybe you should have let her do it. She can't find her way home from rt 40 but I bet she reads directions

awb said...

And dumb me, the girl reads in Spanish and English! She has it set up so the voice has an English accent. Do English people sound English when they speak Spanish?