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Friday, January 9, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, A New AFO Brace, and Gas Leak Fixed

It took me a couple of days to recover watching the city and county workers putting my money to good use. Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water, bang, BGE comes to fix a gas leak! I didn't know what to expect after the orgy of ineptitude I had witnessed earlier in the week, but I was ready for them. They rang the bell about 11 in the morning, a very polite young guy and his partner were here to fix the problem. Partner? How were they going to fix this massive gas leak with just 2 guys? I looked out as his partner took the shovel out of the back of the truck, I guess I didn't rate a backhoe twice in one week.

The guy assured me they would be quick, and they would make it look like they had never been here, right I thought. I closed the door and went into the kitchen, looked out the window and the guy was already up to his shoulders in the hole! I'm not kidding, and 5 city water workers were asleep in his truck! I'm telling you, BGE must be running that place like a business? I shook my head and went into the living room when the doorbell rang again? The BGE guy said they were finished and needed to come in and restart out appliances. I looked around him and the hole was gone, grass was growing, and they had planted flowers! BGE beat the water department hands down, but they were more fun to watch!

The LDN seems to be going OK, nothing major to say in either direction. Like I said, I start therapy Monday, so I'm hopeful that will show a benefit. I was going to hold off getting the new brace, you know me and positive thinking, but I think the old one is wearing out, and it is a little uncomfortable, so I need to go see about that regardless of any progress I was hoping for. I have to locate my prescription in my file cabinet full of prescriptions! It's ridiculous how many prescriptions I've had this year, Dr Weil would not approve. Once my body starts to heal itself, no more medicine for me, but until then, pass the LDN, vitamin D, Lisinopril....

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Slammermike said...

DAMN BGE is no fun. I thought you were going to say it was like the 3 Stooges movie that the Stooges wound up with water coming out of the oven when they crossed the gas line and water line.