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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Car Ads, Burger and Drug Wars, and Multiple Sclerosis

What is the state of the auto bailout? Am I the owner of a controlling interest in the big 3 yet? If I am, I'm calling a board meeting about all this advertising I'm seeing on the television. The new Dodge truck with storage boxes that are "fricken" awesome has been on during the football games about every other commercial. GM and Ford are doing the same thing, blasting the airways with high tech ads, for products we aren't buying. Are commercials on network TV expensive during the NFL playoffs? My money would be better spent if the car guys stopped bombarding us with ads and figured out how to make me money instead!

The fast food Shills aren't any better, either are the drug companies. After a day of watching TV, something I rarely do anymore, I feel like jumping into my Ford tough truck, finding one of the Whopper Virgins for advice on what burger to get, and then scoring some Ambein CR to get some rest! Do these ads do it for anyone? Do you watch them and then go sit in a claw foot tub with a Big Mac? The amount of money being spent is sickening! That shows how much money we are throwing away, these company's are spending millions of dollars, hundreds of millions, while hawking their new dollar menu! Wow!

I didn't wear my brace today, gave the old foot a break. It feels good to do that every once in a while, but I can't do much walking because it makes my leg hurt. Tough choice, which way do I want my leg to hurt? I had the yips for a little bit when I took my shoes off, but it didn't last, so I'm thinking things are looking up. I call tomorrow for an appointment for PT, I hope I can see a benefit. I also should get my blood results, so it will a busy day. If I keep up at this pace I am going to need to start taking a nap everyday!


Slammermike said...

The ad that gets me is Cialis for erectile dysfunction. They always wind up each in their own bathtub on the beach, in the mountains, in the woods. Why do they drag these bathtubs everywhere? How does that help with intimacy if you are each in different tubs???

awb said...

We had one of those tubs in the backyard, maybe that's why that weird neighbor guy is always out there?

Slammermike said...

Out there playing with his dingy???